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Students have opportunities for supervised teaching and statistical consulting experience. The department gives individual attention to each student through intensive advising, extensive small seminars, and research collaboration. Prior to completing their degrees, most doctoral students have several publications underway based on research done in collaboration with faculty members in biostatistics/statistics and in various medical departments.

Graduate Students

Student Offices: Saunders Research Building 4th Floor

Name Email Address
Artman, William
Brehm, Zachary
Burton, David
Catalfamo, Kayla
Consagra-Francis, William
Corsetti, Matthew
Gu, Yu
Jones, Jeremiah
Kimzey, Corey
Lin, Zhengzhi (Alex)
Lu, Xiang
Ma, Shiyang
Majumder, Madhurima
Sherina, Valeriia
Sui, Jiatong
Sun, Hao
Wang, Bokai
Wang, Sheng
Wilson, Erika
Yang, Luoying (Fifi)
Zavez, Alexis
Zhang, Yun