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Featured Alumni

Attention Alumni - Please contact Christine Gramza with any updated information.

John Lapek, Ph.D., 2013

John Lapek

John was in the lab of Alan Friedman, Ph.D. and has just received the Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award. This is a 3-year NIH funded fellowship at the University of California San Diego. John is currently co-mentored by Drs. Jack Dixon and David Gonzalez. The emphasis of this award is on research, teaching and mentoring with outreach to under-represented populations in science. 18 institutions in the country have this agreement with NIH, with UCSD being one of them. The statistics on the award are 70% of fellows receiving this award go on to academic careers, whereas only 40% of other NIH funded fellows go on to academic careers.

Xianglu Han, Ph.D., 2009

Xianglu Han

The ILSI Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Xianglu Han, PhD, has joined the foundation as a Scientific Program Manager for the Center for Safety Assessment of Food and Feed. Dr Han, who earned his PhD in toxicology at the University of Rochester, has held fellowships at both Dow Chemical Company and the US Food and Drug Administration. Most recently he was a Project Toxicologist with Arcadis Company. At the ILSI Research Foundation, Dr Han will help design and implement programs on safety assessment of food and feed crops.