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Student Handbook


This handbook is intended to summarize the policies unique to the Toxicology PhD Program at the University of Rochester.  Additional details and regulations concerning graduate study at the University of Rochester can be found in the online Trainee Handbook, which is part of the Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) website, e.g., the Graduate Studies Bulletin and the Regulations and University Policies Concerning Graduate Studies.

This handbook provides a summary of the most salient information.  However, it is expected that students and faculty mentors regularly consult all resources because policies, guidelines, and deadlines continue to evolve in response to the changing needs of the graduate program and students and to new or modified rules. Thus, it is important that crucial decisions are verified with the Office of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs and/or the Program Coordinator or Program Director.

Curriculum For The PhD

Progress Towards The Degree: Benchmarks & Timeframe

Satisfactory Progress

Research Advisory Committee

PhD Qualifying Exam

Annual Review

Writing The Thesis

Thesis Preparation and Registration of Thesis

Thesis Defense

General Policies