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Satisfactory Progress

Though formally admitted to the Graduate Program in Toxicology, this admission is provisional in the sense that the student must satisfactorily complete a minimum course credit requirement, and pass the Qualifying Examination before being formally admitted to candidacy for the PhD.  Thus, admission to the program does not guarantee a degree. Earning a PhD entails completing all coursework, passing the qualifying exam, moving a research project forward in a substantive and demonstrable manner, writing and defending a thesis, and successfully meeting specific deadlines along the way.

Satisfactory progress is treated in a statement under “Grades” in the University’s Official Bulletin, “Regulations and University Policies Concerning Graduate Studies”.  Also see the Policies and Benefits section of the Graduate Education Trainee Handbook for more information.

One measure of progress is the grade earned in course work. Academic probation results when a student receives a C (or D) grade. A second grade of C or lower is cause for immediate dismissal from the graduate program.  Likewise, a single failing (F) grade results in immediate dismissal from the University. Satisfactory progress is also measured by performance in the research setting, and by meeting required deadlines. The Program Director, Faculty Mentor, and Thesis Advisory Committee evaluate these metrics of progress and performance. Poor performance in these areas can also result in academic probation or dismissal.