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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Angela Groves, Ph.D.

Anthony Franchini, Ph.D.

  • Lawrence Lab
    Research Focus: To focus on studies to discern the mechanism via which environmental factors modify the function of the immune system.

Jessica Irwin, Ph.D.

Naushad A. Khan, Ph.D.

Nina Kim, Ph.D.

Carolyn Klocke, Ph.D.

Katie Lannan, Ph.D.

  • Phipps Lab
    Research Focus: Examine fibrosis and capsular contracture that occurs following radiation therapy and breast reconstructive surgery.

Sarah Latchney, Ph.D.

Thivanka M. Muthumalage, Ph.D.

Kahkashan Rashid, Ph.D.

Marissa Sobolewski, Ph.D.

  • Cory-Slechta Lab
    Research Focus: Neurotoxicology, Etiology of neurobehavioral disease, Endocrine dysfunction, Synergistic Toxicity.