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IIMP Mentoring Faculty Dyad Matches

Faculty Mentor Research Topics Discipline Dyad Matches Department
Beck, Lisa atopic dermatitis population Gill Dermatology
Bennett, Nana Influenza disease surveillance; emerging infections; vaccine effectiveness (influenza, pneumococcal disease, HPV) population Topham, Sant PHS/CCH
Cory-Slechta, Deborah Understanding the contribution of environmental chemical exposures to human diseases and disorders of the nervous system. lab Ossip, Korfmacher, Jusko; Hill Environmental Med/PHS
Dewhurst, Steve HIV vaccine and microbicide development; neuroaids research: novel therapeutics and studies of cerebral blood flow; role of cellular factors in influenza virus pathogenesis and host adaptation lab McMahon Micro & Immuno
Dumyati, Ghinwa Candidemia, disease surveillance; MRSA; C. difficile burden in nursing homes; community acquired infections population Krysan; Topham; Gill; Dunman CCH/Med-adult ID
Dunman, Paul bacterial pathogenesis and develop novel strategies for the therapeutic intervention of bacterial infections lab Dumyati; Bennett Microbiology & Immunology
Dye, Tim Applied public health within marginalized, isolated, and global populations, with a focus on developing and understanding community-driven solutions to public health problems such as Zika population Zand; Murphy OB-GYB; PHS; UR CTSI
Georas, Steve Regulation of airway immune responses by respiratory viruses, allergens, and pollutants lab Halterman Medicine/ Pulmonary and Critical Care/ Environmental Med. / Micro & Immuno
Gill, Steve Microbial pathogens and the impact of human microbial flora on health and disease including virulence determinants of Staphylococcus aureus and relationship of the oral microbial community and oral cancer. lab Dumyati; Beck Microbiology & Immunology
Halterman, Jill Develops and tests sustainable models for identifying and treating children and adolescents with asthma through the Preventive Care Program for Urban Children with Asthma population Georas Pediatrics
Hill, Elaine Early origins research, linking in utero environment to later life health and educational attainment;  research utilizes experimental methods to study the impacts of shale gas development on infant health in the US population Lawrence; Cory-Slechta PHS
Jusko, Todd Investigates affects of in utero and early postnatal exposure to pollutants on immune system function in children or neurodevelopment in infants population Lawrence; Cory-Slechta PHS/Environmental Med
Kobie, James Research focuses on IgM memory cells that may play a key role in facilitating immune protection at the tissue sites where HIV is commonly transmitted; HIV vaccine trials lab McMahon Medicine/ Adult ID
Krysan, Damian Research focuses on two broad areas: 1) antifungal and antibiotic drug discovery and 2) fungal pathogenesis. lab Dumyati Pediatrics
Lawrence, Paige Environmental signaling, immune function, and cellular development lab Jusko Environmental Med
McMahon, Jim HIV; behavioral, social and cultural factors that contribute to the spread of infectious diseases (HIV, HCV) in vulnerable populations; the advancement of biostatistical methods applied to epidemiology. population Kobie; Dewhurst SON/PHS
Murphy, Sean Researches the role of trophoblast cells in immuneregulation of pregnancy using whole mount immunofluorescence method to examine placenta cell-type specific structure-function relationships and use of this model system to study Zika virus infection. lab Dye OB-GYB; Micro & Immunol
Ossip, Debbie Behavioral medicine, health impact of lifestyle change with particular focus on cigarette smoking/tobacco use, obesity, physical activity, aging, child/adolescent health, outcomes measurement, community intervention, and global health. population Phipps, Sime, Rahman, Cory-Slechta PHS/Wilmot Cancer Institute/CCH
Phipps, Rick B-Lymphocytes, Antibody Production and Vaccines; Lung Disease: COPD, Lung Scarring, and Infection (smoking); Platelet Biology: Diabetes/Cardiovascular Disease/ Transfusion Medicine; Ocular Scarring and Tissue Remodeling lab Ossip Environmental Med
Rahman, Irfan Oxidative stress, inflammation, epigenetics and cellular senescence by inhaled toxicants lab Ossip Environmental Med
Sant, Andrea Molecular mechanisms regulating MHC class II-restricted antigen presentation and CD4 T cell activation in vivo and how results inform vaccine development; the role of CD4 T cells in immunity to influenza infection and vaccination lab Bennett Center for Vaccine Biology & Immunology/ Micro & Immuno
Sime, Tricia Modulation of pulmonary inflammation using gene transfer techniques; research focuses on lung scarring and smoking related diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). lab Ossip Medicine-Critical Care and Pulmonary Diseases
Topham, Dave Combined program in basic research using animal models of influenza infection and immunity, as well as a translational research program to study human immune responses to influenza infection and vaccination. lab Bennett Center for Vaccine Biology & Immunology/ Micro & Immuno
Zand, Martin Research utilizes high-dimensional data, bioinformatics, and mathematical and computational modeling of human immune responses; uses high performance computing, advanced graph theory and clustering methods to analyze healthcare system patterns. lab Dye; Bennet UR CTSI; Medicine-Nephrology