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Elaine SmolockDr. Elaine Smolock is Co-Director of the PREP program.  Dr. Smolock is a faculty member in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and has been at the URMC since 2007. In addition to acting as a PREP co-director, she serves as the Life Sciences Writing Specialist for the Center for Professional Development and Director of Scientific and Scholarly Advancement in the Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs office. She has extensive experience mentoring trainees and has cultivated relationships with research faculty and educational support faculty across the URMC. Dr. Smolock’s specific role as PREP co-director is to oversee the educational component of training and develop trainee skills in the areas of scientific communication and writing, self-advocacy, project management, and time management. 

Jacques RobertsDr. Jacques Roberts is a Co-Director for the PREP program.  Dr. Robert is Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and is affiliated with Environmental Medicine and Biomedical Genetics. He is the Director of the Xenopus research resource for Immunobiology, which is the world's most comprehensive facility specializing in the use of this species for immunological research. Dr. Robert has a long interest and experience in mentoring scholars of all background and at all levels.  He is the director of Microbiology & Immunology Student Seminar (MBI 501) that trains students including PREP scholars in formal scientific communication as well as the Track Coordinator and Advisor for all UR undergraduates in Microbiology.

  • Steering Committee: Stephen Dewhurst, PhD; Alison Elder, PhD; Scott Gerber, PhD; Edith Lord, PhD; Christoph Proschel, PhD; Martha Susiarjo, PhD
  • Administrative Staff: Jennifer Brennan (Program Coordinator); Daisy Bird (Finance Manager); Benjamin Lovell (Admissions Coordinator)