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2013 Poster Session

Thursday, August 1, 2013
10:00am – 11:00am: odd posters presentation
11:00am - 12:00pm: even posters presentation
Flaum Atrium

  1. Felix Ramos, University of Puerto Rico at Rios Piedras
    Mentor: Harris Gelbard MD, PhD
    Title: MLK-3 Inhibition Behavioral Trials in C57bl/6 Mice to Control Severe Neuroinflammation Caused by LPS-Stereotactic Injections: Implications for HIV- Associated Neurocognitive Disorder
    Felix M Ramos, Daniel Marker, Jenna Puccini and Harris Gelbard, PhD
  2. Rebecca Bailey, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Mentor: Charles Thornton, PhD
    Title: Supt4h1-Dependent Transcriptional Elongation: Potential Point of Attack for Repeat Expansion Diseases
    Rebecca Bailey, Wenli Wang and Charles A. Thornton, PhD
  3. Morgan Kennedy, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Gary Paige, PhD
    Title: Visual Capture of Auditory Targets in Extrafoveal Space
    Morgan J. Kennedy, Adam K. Bosen, Emily C. Clark, Paul D. Allen, William E. O’Neill, PhD and Gary D. Paige, PhD
  4. Diana Liao, Johns Hopkins University
    Mentor: Brad Mahon, PhD
    Title: Connectivity in the Tool Network: The Effects of an Induced Lesion
    Diana A. Liao, F.E. Garcea, and Brad Z. Mahon, PhD
  5. Bingqing Wang, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Tatiana Pasternak, PhD
    Title: Memory-guided Comparisons of Visual Motion and Its Location: A Psychophysical Study
    Bingqing Wang, Kristiana Lachiusa, Philip Spinelli and Tatiana Pasternak, PhD
  6. Alaina Wayland, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Marc Halterman, PhD
    Title: Defining the Genetic Pathways Regulating Lipid Droplet Induction in Neuronal Cells
    Wayland A., Rininger A., Giulaino R., Welte M., M. W. Halterman
  7. Breanna Caruso, Colgate University
    Mentor: M. Kerry O’Banion MD, PhD and John Olschowska, PhD
    Title: The Effects of Head Only, Body Only and Whole Body Irradiation on Neurogenesis in C57BL/6 Mice
    Breanna Caruso, Jonathan Cherry, Kerry O’Banion, MD, PhD and John Olschowka, PhD
  8. Alexander Skojec, University of Scranton
    Mentor: Mark Noble, PhD
    Title: Increased Neurite Outgrowth in Cerebellar Granule Neurons Treated with Wnt and Soluble Factor 3
    Alexander Skojec, Chung-Hsuan Shih, Michelle Lacagnina, and Christoph Proschel, PhD
  9. Kendra Lechtenberg, Kenyon College
    Mentor: Margot Mayer-Pröschel, PhD
    Title: Pro-Astrocyte Signaling in Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells after Interferon-γ Treatment
    Kendra Lechtenberg, Daniel Tanner, PhD and Margot Mayer-Pröschel, PhD
  10. Christopher Wunsch, Virginia Military Institute
    Mentor: Robert Freeman, PhD
    Title: Testing for a Possible Interaction between Mammalian EGLN and APBA Family Proteins
    Chris Wunsch, Mary Gantz and Robert Freeman, PhD
  11. Eric Ramirez, University of Puerto Rico at Rios Piedras
    Mentor: Jean Bidlack, PhD
    Title: Effects of Filtration Buffers and MgCl2 on DAMGO- and Buprenorphine- Stimulated [35S]GTPγS Binding at the μ Opioid Receptor
    Eric Ramirez, Greg Bryman, Bryan I. Knapp and Jean M. Bidlack, PhD
  12. Eric Miller, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Paul Kammermeier, PhD
    Title: Interaction of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors, Subtypes 1 and 5
    Eric Miller and Paul Kammermeier, PhD
  13. Boris Borovcanin, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Paul Brookes, PhD
    Title: Aspirin Affects Metabolism in Cardiac Cells
    Boris Borovcanin, Sergiy M. Nadtochiy, PhD, Paul S. Brookes, PhD
  14. Allyssa Abel, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Keith Nerke, PhD
    Title: Adaptive Stress Regulation of Carbonic Anhydrase 6 in Mouse Neuronal Cell Culture Models
    Allyssa Abel, Teresa Sherman, Jonathan Malecki,Tori Matthews and Keith Nehrke, PhD
  15. Molly Austen, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Keith Nerke, PhD
    Title: Mitochondrial UPR and Ca2+ Signaling in C. elegans: A Two- Component System
    Molly Austen, Teresa Sherman, Erik Allman and Keith Nehrke, PhD
  16. Cristina Castro-Rivera, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
    Mentor: Burns Blaxall, PhD
    Title: Elucidating the Role and Therapeutic Efficacy of MLK 3 Inhibition in Pathologic Cardiac Remodeling
    Cristina M. Castro, Melissa L. Martin and Burns C. Blaxall, PhD
  17. Eric Garbade, University of Scranton
    Mentor: Matthew Hilton, PhD
    Title: Notch Regulation of Mesenchymal Progenitor Cell (MPC) Proliferation and Differentiation Factors
    Eric Garbade and Matthew J. Hilton, PhD
  18. Zachariah Adham, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Lisa Opanashuk, PhD
    Title: AhR and Notch Signaling Pathways Promote Proliferation of Human MB Cells
    Zachariah O. Adham, Daniel P. Dever and Lisa A. Opanashuk, PhD
  19. Robert Hayden, Hamilton College
    Mentor: Harold Smith, PhD
    Title: Developing a High Throughput Counter Screening Assay For HIV-1 Therapeutics by Investigating the Molecular Interactions of Anti-Host Cell Defense Factor CBFβ
    Robert M. Hayden, Ryan P. Bennett and Harold C. Smith, PhD
  20. Emma Gryotis, Earlham College
    Mentor: Denise Hocking, PhD
    Title: Testing the Effects of Acoustic Cavitation on Fibronectin Conformation
    Emma Grygotis, Diane Dalecki, PhD, Denise Hocking, PhD
  21. Maureen Newman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Mentor: Danielle Benoit, PhD
    Title: Development of ‘Smart’ Hydrogels for Cell-Dictated Peptide Release
    Maureen R. Newman, Amy Van Hove and Danielle S. W. Benoit, PhD
  22. Christian Evans, SUNY Geneseo
    Mentor: Jim Miller, PhD
    Title: Translational Regulation of GATA-3 via a Unique Secondary mRNA Structure within the 5’ Untranslated Region
    Christian Evans and James Miller, PhD
  23. Liz Garcia, Universidad del Este
    Mentor: Michael Elliott, PhD
    Title: Response of BV-2 Microglia Cells to Purinergic Find-Me Signals from Apoptotic Cells
    Liz Garcia, Patrick S Murphy and Michael R. Elliott, PhD
  24. Jackeline Palencia, Universidad del Este
    Mentor: Jose Lemos, PhD
    Title: Linkage of the Stringent Response to Antibiotic Tolerance in Enterococcus Faecalis
    Jackeline Palencia, Jessica K. Kajfasz, and José A. Lemos, PhD
  25. Phillip Cohen, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Steve Dewhurst, PhD
    Title: Association of Spherical, 500 nm Nanoparticles with Murine Dendritic Cells
    Phillip Cohen, Matthew Brewer, William Domm, Danielle Benoit, PhD and Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
  26. Kaitlyn Jefferson, University of South Dakota
    Mentor: Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
    Title: Identification of Novel Inhibitors of Semen Derived Enhancer of Viral Infection (SEVI)-Mediated Enhancement of HIV-1 Infection
    Kaitlyn Jefferson, David Easterhoff, Stephen Dewhurst, PhD, John DiMaio, Alan Smrcka, PhD and Bradley Nilsson, PhD
  27. Janelle Veazey, Messiah College
    Mentor: Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
    Title: Association of Host Protein Transportin 3 (TNPO3) with Influenza Virus RNA Polymerase
    Janelle Veazey, Jonelle Mattiacio and Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
  28. Kevin Allan, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Baek Kim, PhD
    Title: SAMHD1 Effects on HIV-1 Recombination Frequency in Macrophages and Activated T-cells
    Kevin C. Allan, Laura A. Nguyen and Baek Kim, PhD