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2014 Poster Session

Thursday, July 31, 2014
9:30am – 10:30am: even posters presentation
10:30am - 11:30am: odd posters presentation
Flaum Atrium


  1. Zachariah Adam, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Lisa Opanashuk, PhD
    Title: Notch Signaling Promotes Proliferation of Medulloblastoma Cells through a Crosstalk with the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
    Authors: Zachariah O. Adham, Daniel P. Dever, Lisa A. Opanashuk, PhD
  2. Alyssa Chaplin, University of Minnesota
    Mentor: Julie Fudge, PhD
    Title: Stressed adolescent rat behavioral testing: How much does investigator presence matter?
    Authors: Alyssa Chaplin, Michele Saul, Dana Helmreich, Julie Fudge, PhD
  3. Michaela Cronin, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Gary Paige, PhD
    Title: Ocular Smooth Pursuit of Auditory Targets after Extinction Resembles that of Visual Targets
    Authors: Michaela Cronin, Christina Cloninger, Justin Fleming, Paul Allen, William O’Neill, and Gary Paige, PhD
  4. Gregory Davidson, University of Delaware
    Mentor: Sanjay Maggiwar, PhD
    Title: Elucidating Antiplatelet Activity of Minocycline: Implications for HIV Secondary Disorders
    Authors: Gregory A. Davidson, Joseph W. Jackson, Giovanni Schifitto, MD, Sanjay B. Maggiwar, PhD
  5. Caitlyn Edwards, SUNY Geneseo
    Mentors: M. Kerry O’ Banion, MD, PhD and John Olschowka, PhD
    Title: Effects of Radiation Exposure on Synaptic Density and Pericyte Coverage in the Hippocampal CA1 Region
    Authors: Caitlyn M. Edwards, Fatima Rivera-Escalera, John A. Olschowka, PhD, M. Kerry O’Banion MD, PhD
  6. Kathleen Gates, St. Lawrence University
    Mentor: Ania Majewska, PhD
    Title: Loss of fractalkine signaling does not affect microglia density in the developing mouse Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
    Authors: Kathleen Gates, Rebecca Lowery, Ania Majewska, PhD
  7. Joshua Hatfield, Wells College
    Mentor: Beth Grayhack, PhD
    Title: Characterization of inhibitory codon pairs in the yeast S. cerevisiae
    Authors: Joshua T. Hatfield, Andrew S. Wolf, Christina E. Brule, and Elizabeth J. Grayhack, PhD
  8. Courtney Kleeschulte, Binghamton University
    Mentor: Paul Dunman, PhD
    Title: Development of a Novel Bacterial Diagnostic and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Too
    Authors: Courtney Kleeschulte, Jordan Reed, Henry Chung, Gregory Madejski, James McGrath, PhD, and Paul Dunman, PhD
  9. Jessica LaPiano, SUNY at Buffalo
    Mentor: Kate Ackerman, PhD
    Title: Analysis of Diaphragmatic Defects in Zfpm2 (Fog2) Mutants
    Authors: Jessica B. LaPiano, Nian Zhang, PhD, Kate Ackerman, MD
  10. Zachary Mietus, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Edward Schwarz, PhD
    Title: Quantifying the Effects of Teriparatide (rPTH) Therapy on Massive Allograft Healing in a Canine Femoral Defect Model via Volumetric CB-CT and Union Ratio Analysis
    Authors: Zachary Mietus, Kohei Nishitani, Weixing Cai, Jiangkun K Liu, Hani Awad, Nicole Ehrhart and Edward M. Schwarz, PhD
  11. Ariana Mitchell, Xavier University
    Mentor: Ben Hayden, PhD
    Title: Description-Experience Gap for Non-Human Primates
    Authors: Ariana L. Mitchell, Caleb E. Strait, Sarah R. Heilbronner, Benjamin Y. Hayden, PhD
  12. Robert Newell, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Mentor: Margot Mayer-Proschel, PhD
    Title: Identification of a Possible Mechanistic Link Between Iron Regulated Signaling and Neuronal Specification
    Authors: Robert Newell, Michael Rudy, Margot Mayer-Pröschel. PhD
  13. Zoey Prokopiak, Slippery Rock University
    Mentor: Laurel Carney, PhD
    Title: Auditory masking analysis with a computational auditory nerve model
    Authors: Zoey Prokopiak, Robert Houde, Laurel Carney, PhD
  14. Jordana Schmierer, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
    Title: Characterization of Residues within the PA Segment of IAV Permitting Mammalian Replication
    Authors: Jordana Schmierer, Andrew Cox, Colleen O’Dell, Andrew Smith, Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
  15. Nathaniel Schramm, Westminister College
    Mentor: Harold Smith, PhD
    Title: Mutation of APOBEC3G in Presumed ssdna Binding Site for Analysis of Effects on DNA and RNA Binding
    Authors: Nathaniel Schramm, Eseosa Aiwerioghene, Bogdan Polevada, and Harold Smith, PhD
  16. Rachel Siciliano, Colgate University
    Mentor: Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
    Title: Development of a novel model for NeuroAIDS: Expression of HIV-Tat protein in an AAV2 vector under the microglia-specific promoter F4/80 in mice
    Authors: Rachel Siciliano, Oksana Polesskaya, PhD, Stephen Dewhurst, PhD
  17. Dequantarius Speed, Louisiana State University
    Mentor: Elaine Sia, PhD
    Title: The Effect of IRC3on Mitochondrial Genome Stability
    Authors: Dequantarius Speed and Elaine A. Sia, PhD
  18. Amanda Tian, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Gary Paige, PhD
    Title: Eye Position in Absence of a Visual Reference Biases Auditory Localization in the Direction of Fixation
    Authors: Amanda Tian, Justin Fleming, Adam Bosen, William E. O’Neill, PhD, Gary D. Paige, PhD
  19. Kathyrn Vetter, Michigan State University
    Mentor: Michael O’Reilly, PhD
    Title: Hyperoxia may lead to cell proliferation and apoptosis in the brains of neonatal mice
    Authors: Kathryn Vetter, Min Yee, Bryan Thompson, Bradley W. Buczynski, Lisa Opanashuk, PhD, Michael A. O’Reilly, PhD