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2015 Poster Session

  1. Bright Arthur, Philander Smith College
    Mentor: David Topham, PhD
    Title: Can the influenza H1N1 HA2 Drift Under Immune Pressure?
    Authors: Bright Arthur, Christopher S. Anderson, Marta L. DeDiego and David J. Topham, PhD
  2. Cormac Assink, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Charles Duffy, PhD
    Title: Differential Impact of Aging and Alzheimer’s on Cortical Visual Processing
    Authors: Cormac A. Assink, Colin T. Lockwood and Charles J. Duffy, PhD
  3. Aahana Bajracharya, Wesleyan College
    Mentor: Tatiana Pasternak, PhD
    Title: Common Rules Guide Comparisons of Location and Direction in the Prefrontal Cortex during Visual Memory Tasks
    Authors: Aahana Bajracharya, Kostas Michalopoulos, PhD, Aaron Ketting-Olivier, Philip Spinelli and Tatiana Pasternak, PhD
  4. Blake Bentley, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Elizabeth Grayhack, PhD
    Title: Mechanisms by which Inhibitory Codon Pairs Reduce Translation
    Authors: Blake Bentley, Andrew Wolf, Christina Brule and Elizabeth Grayhack, PhD
  5. Andrew Bui, University of Rochester
    Mentors: Lin Gan, PhD
    Title: Characterizing the Expression of LHX3 and LHX4 in the Adult Mouse Retina
    Authors: Andrew Bui, Xuhui Dong and Lin Gan, PhD
  6. Shannon Doherty, Davidson College
    Mentor: David Dean, PhD
    Title: CCN1 Expression and Regulation of ICAM Protein in Mammalian Endothelial Cells
    Authors: Shannon Doherty, Rosemary Norman, David A. Dean, PhD and Jennifer L. Young
  7. Jasmine Geathers, Xavier University
    Mentor: Harris Gelbard, MD, PhD
    Title: BN52021 Protects Hippocampal Synapses in EAE
    Authors: Jasmine Geathers, Matthew Bellizzi, MD, PhD and Harris Gelbard, MD, PhD
  8. Rebecca Greiner, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Mentor: Harold Smith, PhD
    Title: Characterization of HIV Host Defense Factor APOBEC3G Mutants Predicted to be Involved in ssDNA Binding and Catalytic Activity
    Authors: Rebecca Greiner, Bogdan Polevoda, PhD and Harold Smith, PhD
  9. Michael Gwyn, North Carolina State University
    Mentor: Patricia White, PhD
    Title: Proliferation of Supporting Cells in Adult Mouse Vestibular Tissue by Errfi1 Knockdowns and ErbB Receptor Activation
    Authors: Michael Gwyn, Luoying Yang, Jonelle Mattiacio, PhD and Patricia White, PhD
  10. N’Toia Hawkins, Ohio Wesleyan University
    Mentor: Elaine Sia, PhD
    Title: IRC3 Responsible for an Increase in Mitochondrial DNA Instability.
    Authors: Elaine Sia, PhD, Alexis Stein and N'Toia Hawkins
  11. Kenechi Iwudyke, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Mark Dumont, PhD
    Title: The Use of Yeast to Screen for Antibodies with Functional Effects on the G Protein Coupled Receptor, CXCR4
    Authors: Kenechi Iwudyke, Elizabeth Mathew, PhD and Mark Dumont, PhD
  12. Katryna Kevelson, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Liz Romanski, PhD
    Title: Prefrontal Networks Involved in Audiovisual Working Memory
    Authors: Katryna Kevelson, Bethany Plakke and Lizbeth Romanski, PhD
  13. Selena Lilley, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Krystel Huxlin, PhD
    Title: Impact of Vision Loss on Quality of Life in Cortical Blindness
    Authors: Selena Lilley, Matthew Cavanaugh, Adin Reisner and Krystel Huxlin, PhD
  14. Nina Lutz, Tufts University
    Mentor: Ania Majewska, PhD
    Title: Response of Microglia in vivo to Acute Alcohol Exposure
    Authors: Nina Lutz, Elissa Wong and Ania Majewska, PhD
  15. Arena Manning, Skidmore College
    Mentor: Suzanne Haber, PhD
    Title: The Role of the Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex in OCD
    Authors: Arena Manning, Julia Lehman, MD and Suzanne Haber, PhD
  16. Karen Martin, Cornell University
    Mentor: Jim Miller, PhD
    Title: Exploring the Structure-Function Relationship of CD28 Homodimer Interactions
    Authors: Karen Martin, Scott Leddon and Jim Miller, PhD
  17. Robert Newell, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Mentor: Margot Mayer-Proschel, PhD
    Title: Gestational Iron Deficiency Increases Adult Cortical Inhibition
    Authors: Robert Newell, Michael Rudy and Margot Mayer-Proschel, PhD
  18. Utkarsh Parwal, Mercer University
    Mentor: Richard Waugh, PhD
    Title: Micromechanical Study of Adhesion Probability between Mouse Neutrophils and Immobilized ICAM-1
    Authors: Utkarsh Parwal, Elena Lomakina PhD, Minsoo Kim PhD, David H. Smith and Richard E. Waugh PhD
  19. Ge Song, University of Rochester
    Mentor: David McCamant, PhD
    Title: A Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy Study of dGMP and its Self-Aggregated Structures in Various Conditions
    Authors: Ge Song, Joohyun Lee and David McCamant, PhD
  20. Rachel Suppok, Dickinson College
    Mentors: M. Kerry O’Banion, MD, PhD and John Olschowka, PhD
    Title: The Role of Alternative Activation in Microglia
    Authors: Rachel Suppok, Tara Sweet, PhD, John A. Olschowka, PhD, and Kerry O’Banion, MD, PhD
  21. Ralphdy Vernge, University of Puerto Rico in Ponce
    Mentor: Mark Noble, PhD
    Title: Mechanism of Tamoxifen Resistance in MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells
    Authors: Ralphdy Vergne, Brittany Krupp, Hsing-Yu Chen and Mark Noble, PhD
  22. Alicia Wei, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Keith Nehrke, PhD
    Title: Optogenetic Control of ROS Production in C. elegans Using CRISPR/Cas9 Fusion Proteins
    Authors: Alicia Wei, Keith Nehrke, PhD and Andrew Wojtovich
  23. Katheryn Wright, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Ania Majewska, PhD
    Title: Effect of Circadian Rhythm on Cortical Microglia Morphology
    Authors: Katheryn Angel Wright, Grayson Sipe and Ania Majewska, PhD
  24. Lila Yang, University of Rochester
    Mentor: Laura Calvi, MD
    Title: Investigating the Role of CCR1 and CCR5 in a CCL3 Abundant Leukemic Microenvironment
    Authors: Lila Yang, Brandon Zaffuto, Mary Georger, Rhonda Staversky, Benjamin J. Frisch, PhD and Laura Calvi, MD
  25. Ellen Yates, The College of William and Mary
    Mentor: Suzanne Haber, PhD
    Title: Frontal and Parietal Convergence in the Striatum: A Critical Node Underlying Attentional Drug Bias in Addiction
    Authors: Ellen Yates, Eun Young Choi, PhD and Suzanne Haber, PhD