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Student Perspectives

  • Samuel Carrell

    Photo of Samuel Carrell

    The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry has a wonderful sense of community that strives for the common goals of medical care and research excellence. At the heart of that intersection, I have found that the community greatly values the MD/PhD program. Personally, I have been given nothing but support when seeking out opportunities, and have found that faculty have an interest in my success as a future clinician-scientist.

    Additionally, the URSMD offers a unique experience of patient-centered training that exposes students to a compassionate way of practicing medicine within the first two years of medical school. This type of medical maturity is a unique offering of Rochester that is useful in all situations requiring clear communication and discussion. For me it has helped guide my interactions both clinically and scientifically, and has become an indispensable tool for advancement.

  • Michael Jacob

    Photo of Michael Jacob

    UR's MSTP has everything I am looking for in research as well as academics. The neuroscience program is especially strong and the graduate program streamlines aspects of their curriculum to meet the specific needs of MSTP students. My advisor does both research and clinical work. He is an excellent role model who really understands the interests and challenges faced by MD/PhDs.

    Two features of the Rochester medical school really stand out to me. One is the Double Helix curriculum, which places students in clinics in their first year. This really helps put the basic science material into context. The second is Rochester's commitment to the biopsychosocial model. Studying the psychosocial dimensions of health place the art of medicine on firm foundations.

  • Kyle Koster

    Photo of Kyle Koster

    The MSTP at Rochester has been an incredible opportunity for me. The program's and school's greatest resources are its students and the organizations they lead, MSTP inclusive. I have had the privilege of performing research under outstanding faculty who excel in both scientific research and mentorship; being exposed to diverse clinical experiences beginning my first day of class; volunteering my talents to make a real difference in the lives of Rochesterians inside and outside of the clinic; and participating in student leadership in the MSTP and organizations across campus.

  • Rialnat Lawal

    Photo of Rialnat Lawal
    I came to Rochester because of the people. The warmth and support provided by the administration motivates you to work hard. The U of R MSTP program provides a supportive environment while staying competitive to groom excellent physician scientists.
  • Susan Lee

    Photo of Susan Lee

    One of the main deciding factors in my decision to attend U of R was the flexibility of the program. U of R is one of the few programs that allow a PhD in any field, that is willing to design a personalized curriculum, and allows for cross-departmental dissertation projects.

  • Jerry Saunders

    Photo of Jerry Saunders

    The first aspect of the U of R¹s MSTP program that struck me was the incredible warmth of its faculty. They are all very open and easily accessible. Faculty here are happy to help with a wide range of issues, such as identifying potential laboratories for research rotations or offering insight about candidate neighborhoods when house hunting. The students are equally as inviting, and it is great to know that you¹ll spend the next 7 or 8 years in good company surrounded by friendly, like-minded students with goals similar to your own.

    Regarding the program itself, I know I could not have made a better choice. Students may pursue their Ph.D training in a number of departments, allowing the flexibility needed to explore, discover, and develop their research interests and abilities. The Scientific Reasoning in Medicine course is a great way to encourage scientific thinking and dialogue between students and faculty during the first two medical school years of training. Lastly, Rochester itself provides the amenities of a city with a multitude of outdoor recreational activities, ensuring you¹ll never have a shortage of study break endeavors.

  • Andrew Shubin

    Photo of Andrew Shubin

    The Rochester MSTP is truly dedicated to the professional and personal growth and development of its students. The faculty, staff and other students have been great assets in getting the most of medical and graduate education. On top of that, we have a lot of fun!