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The MD/PhD curriculum provides students with a longitudinal integration of basic and clinical sciences, punctuated by a period of rigorous graduate research training.   The diagram below provides an outline for the major curricular components of the program.  For most students it is anticipated that this program can be readily completed in 8 years, and that a significant proportion of students will complete the program in 7 years.  Opportunities for conducting research rotations in the first years of the program, a shortened second medical school year, targeted clinical activities during graduate training, and significant flexibility in returning to medical school at the conclusion of graduate training all contribute to timely completion.  Details for each phase of the curriculum as well as transitions between phases are summarized in the following sections.

MD/PhD Curriculum

  • Yellow Shaded areas are basic science periods.
  • Blue Shaded areas are clinical periods.
  • Green Shaded areas indicate periods devoted essentially full time to the PhD Program and Research Training

MSTP Revised Curriculum Map

MEI - Medical Evidence and Inquiry
FBP - Foundations of Biopsychosocial Practice
P - Pharmacology
DPT - Disease Process and Therapeutics
WH - Women's Health
DOC - Disorders of Childhood
IHS - Improving Health Systems
SI - Successful Interning