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Applying to Rochester

Applying to University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry



  • Rochester requires the MCAT exam.
  • Latest MCAT which may be considered: September 9, 2017
  • Oldest MCAT which may be considered: 2014

Application Deadlines

  • The AMCAS application must be submitted by October 16.
  • Secondary application by November 15 and pay a nonrefundable fee of $100.
  • Letters of evaluation due by November 22 and must be submitted via AMCAS Letter Service.

For detailed information on the application process, please see "Application Procedures" below

Applicant Portal

Visit the portal

Admissions Requirements

  • A strong academic record and good scores on the MCAT are necessary but not sufficient criteria for admission. In addition to these academic measures, the Admissions Committee looks for evidence of scholarship, service to the community, leadership abilities, integrity, maturity, and excellent interpersonal skills. Rochester seeks students who value human diversity, exhibit a love of learning, have an appreciation of the science and art of medicine, and are called to serve others.

    Undergraduate Education 

  1. A minimum of 3 years of study in an accredited college or university. We prefer that science coursework be completed in a US or Canadian college.
  2. Expository writing—one year: This may be met with English or non-science courses that involve extensive expository writing.
  3. One year of biology with laboratory. Biochemistry or botany will not satisfy this requirement.
  4. One year of physics with laboratory.
  5. One year of chemistry, including either one year of organic chemistry or one semester of organic and one semester of biochemistry. Laboratory is required.
  6. 12 – 16 credit hours in the humanities and/or the social or behavioral sciences.
  7. Although not specifically required, courses in inorganic chemistry, statistics, genetics, physiology, and biochemistry are recommended. Experience in clinical settings, research or an Honors Thesis in your major, public health, or community outreach activities also are strongly recommended.
  8. All required premedical courses must ordinarily be taken at an accredited United States or Canadian college or university.
  9. Advanced placement courses may meet only one semester of the chemistry and/or one semester of the physics requirements. Advanced placement will not satisfy the biology or non-science requirements. Upper level courses may be taken to satisfy these requirements.


Due to Rochester's early clinical exposure and participation in community outreach programs, an additional step of verifying applicant attestations is being taken as a part of the school's institutional commitment to protect the public and the patients who entrust the school's students with their health care. The school's offer of admission is expressly conditioned upon the school's review of the background check. If accepted to the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Certiphi Screening, Inc. will provide you electronic access to consent forms that will give them permission to conduct a criminal background check based on inspection of local, state and national records. There will be no charge to the applicant for this service.

Application Procedures

  • The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry belongs to the American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS). The application is Web-based, and information may be obtained directly from AMCAS at; (202) 828-0600; Rochester requires the MCAT exam. The latest MCAT which may be considered for 2018 entrance is September 9, 2017 and the oldest MCAT considered is 2014. Applicants who were not accepted previously must submit a new application and updated references. Reapplications from those who have been twice unsuccessful are discouraged.

Date of Application

The AMCAS application must be submitted by October 15. When Rochester receives your verified application from AMCAS, we send you an email with instruction on how to access our Supplemental Application Form on the web. Applicants must complete a brief secondary application by November 15, submit letters of evaluation, and pay a nonrefundable application fee of $100. This fee will be waived in cases of financial hardship; an AMCAS fee waiver must be submitted. There is no state residency requirement for admission.

Letters of Evaluation

Letters of recommendation submitted on official letterhead may be a composite letter or prehealth advisory committee letter from your school; or a minimum of 3 individual letters. Up to 4 additional letters may be sent. While any three letters of recommendation will be accepted, it is preferred that the applicant submit two science and one non-science related letters. Science or academic letters can be written by a professor from whom you took a class, a pre-health advisor, or a research mentor(s). In addition to the science or academic letters, we also welcome personal letters from supervisors and volunteer directors.

The University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry participates with the letter system provided by AMCAS. All letters of recommendation should be sent directly to AMCAS. For additional assistance please visit the AMCAS website or call AMCAS at (202) 828-0600. All supporting materials must be received by AMCAS no later than November 22, 2017 in order for an applicant to be considered for an interview.

It is acceptable to have your letters sent to AMCAS before your supplementary application is received by our office. However, your application will not be reviewed until you have submitted a completed supplementary application,MCAT scores are reported AND all letters of recommendation have been received by AMCAS.


Applicants who show particular promise of achievement at Rochester will be considered for interviews, which are required for admission and are granted by invitation only. Interviews are conducted at the Medical Center between September and March.

Special Admissions Programs

Rochester sponsors several limited access special admissions programs. One program (Rochester Early Medical Scholars Program) with the undergraduate college of the University provides provisional early acceptance to a highly qualified group of students who are accepted for undergraduate study. Another affiliation is with the Bryn Mawr and Johns Hopkins Post-Baccalaureate programs.

Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the School of Medicine and Dentistry is committed to making reasonable accommodations to assist students with documented disabilities to fulfill their educational objectives.

Diversity Statement—Admissions

Consistent with the University's educational mission, the School of Medicine wishes to attract, educate and train individuals who aspire to the highest ideals of the physician/scientist/humanist to which our institution is dedicated. In an effort to attract and matriculate such individuals, the Admissions Committee is particularly interested in candidates who show great promise for careers in academic medicine, community and international health, and who have an interest in serving the underserved in our society.

To this end, we seek individuals with a demonstrated potential for success in a rigorous course of study who are comfortable in a learning environment that embraces diversity of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, and are committed to an atmosphere that nurtures mutual respect. As future practitioners of medicine entrusted with the responsibility to educate and train the next generation of clinician-scientists and to serve the heterogeneous patient population that characterizes our local, national and international communities, we are committed to matriculating the best applicants to fulfill these institutional missions. They must be individuals who resonate with the ideals embodied in Rochester's biopsychosocial model and our University's motto—Meliora—which defines excellence not as a final achievement, but rather as a process of continually becoming better.

In assessing which Rochester applicants possess these qualities, the Admissions Committee's review of the applicant's credentials will look for the following:

  • Academic achievement, as exemplified by GPA and MCAT scores, consistent with the rigor of the undergraduate curriculum and institution, and with consideration for any educational hardship related to limited opportunities.
  • Strong letters of support from the applicant's Pre-health Advisory Committee and/or individual letters of recommendation.
  • Significant extracurricular or para-curricular activities that demonstrate personal initiative, creativity, leadership, and commitment to breadth and depth of the total educational experience.
  • Significant outreach and exposure to people in need, disadvantaged, or otherwise marginalised in society and/or a perspective that has been developed through experiences of personal, economic or educational challenge.
  • Clear evidence of medically related activities (volunteer or paid) that suggest the applicant is aware of and has an appreciation for the profession of medicine.

Medical Student Honor Code

Candidates who accept offers of admission to the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry simultaneously agree to follow the terms of the Medical Student Honor Code.

Entering medical school is the beginning of the student’s life as a professional. Physicians and medical students should be altruistic and dedicated to providing competent medical service with compassion and respect for human dignity. Physicians have a responsibility to behave ethically at all times in their interactions with patients and patients’ families, colleagues, and others with whom they interact in their professional lives. The Medical Student Honor Code addresses specific expectations regarding medical student conduct.

The School of Medicine and Dentistry Honor Board is a group composed of students, residents, and faculty that work together to educate the community regarding ethics and professionalism in medicine, investigate and evaluate reports of potential violations of the Honor Code, and are available as consultants to develop curricula relating to professional conduct.

The Honor Code exists in conjunction with other University, School of Medicine and Dentistry, and regulatory policies. The Honor Code is not in lieu of, nor does it replace or supersede existing University, School of Medicine and Dentistry, and/or regulatory policies and procedures. In addition, the Medical Student Promotions and Review Board (MSPRB) retains the right to review professionalism, behavioral and other student cases directly, (independent of the Honor Code process) where health and safety concerns exist and in instances, determined by the MSPRB, to be egregious violations of the Medical School’s professionalism standards.

All applicants are encouraged to review the full Honor Code and Guidelines to prevent the mistreatment of students.

Expectations of Medical Students

View the Expectations of Medical Students Policy in the Student Handbook.

It is unethical for a student to refuse to participate in the care of a person based on that person’s race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, age, sexual orientation and/or perceived lifestyle choices.  It is also unethical to refuse to participate in the care of a patient solely because of medical risk, or perceived risk, to the student.  It is not, however, unethical for the pregnant student to refuse to participate in activities that pose a significant risk to her fetus.

Essential components of the education requirements for University of Rochester medical students include: practicing under supervision, evaluating, counseling and referring assigned patients.  Consequently, while students are required to evaluate, counsel and refer all assigned patients, they retain the option, via the prevailing process, to opt out of select procedures in non-emergency settings due to conscientious objections.  View the Opting Out of Education Experiences Due to Conscientious Objection Policy in the Student Handbook.

Technical Standards and Technical Standards Policy

All candidates for the M.D. degree must possess essential skills and abilities necessary to complete the medical school curriculum successfully either with or without reasonable accommodations for any disabilities the individual may have. Note: The use of an intermediary that would in effect require a student to rely on someone else’s power of selection, detection and observation will not be permitted. The School of Medicine’s Technical Standards are as follows:

Ability to:

  • Record historical information
  • Detect, understand, and interpret physical findings
  • Communicate physical findings, develop and record diagnoses as well as treatment plans
  • Ability to manipulate equipment and instruments traditionally used by physicians and physicians-in-training.
  • Ability to recognize, understand and interpret instructional materials required during undergraduate medical education.
  • Ability to detect and appreciate alterations in anatomy, or other abnormalities encountered as part of the general physical examination.
  • Ability to recognize, interpret and evaluate diagnostic studies.
  • Ability to review and interpret notes prepared by other members of the health care team.
  • Ability to perform calculations necessary to deliver appropriate care to the patient.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with patients, families and other health care personnel.
  • Ability to perform all of the above skills within a timeframe that is appropriate for a clinical setting.

Technical Standards Policy

View the Technical Standards Policy in the Student Handbook

All applicants accepted to the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry must be able to meet the School’s technical standards. Students are required to review the standards and to sign a form certifying they have read, understand, and are able to meet the standards with or without reasonable accommodations.

The School of Medicine is prepared to provide reasonable accommodations to students who are accepted by the School and who have physical and learning disabilities (e.g.: mobility impairments, chronic illnesses, dyslexia and other learning disabilities). The University will review the information in order to determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be made. The University reserves the right to reject any requests for accommodation, that in its judgment, would involve the use of an intermediary that would in effect require a student to rely on someone else’s power of selection, detection and observation, fundamentally alter the nature of the School’s educational program, lower academic standards, cause an undue hardship on the School, or endanger the safety of patients or others.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Kathryn Castle at (585) 275-4537.

Contact Us

University of Rochester School of Medicine
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 601A
Rochester, NY 14642

Phone: (585) 275-4539
Fax: (585) 756-5479

Additional Useful Phone Numbers

Contact Numbers
Bursar's Office (585) 275-4672
Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity (CACHED) (585) 275-2175
Office of Curriculum & Assessment (OCA) (585) 275-7202
Financial Aid (585) 275-4523
Fitness and Wellness Center (Gym) (585) 275-2437
Housing Office (585) 275-3166
MD/MBA Program (585) 275-3533
MD/MPH Program (585) 275-7882
MD/PhD Program (585) 275-8721
Parking Services (585) 275-4524
Student Services Center (585) 275-7245
Registrar's Office (585) 275-4541
University Health Services (UHS) (585) 275-2662

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average GPA of your entering students? What are you looking for in MCAT scores?
The average GPA is 3.7. Most of our matriculants have double-digit scores on the MCAT, or a total of 30 and above on the old MCAT exam.  Average MCAT score for the new exam is 513.
Do you accept foreign applicants?
Applicants must be U.S. citizens, have permanent residency status or asylee status. The only exception to this rule is if the applicant received his/her undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester.
Do you have an 8 year medical school program?
Yes, we have a BS/MD degree program called the REMS program. For more information, please call the University of Rochester Undergraduate Admissions Office at (585) 275-3221 or toll-free at (888) 822-2256.
Do you have a physician's assistant program?
No. Please contact the Admissions Offices at either Stony Brook (631) 632-6868; or RIT (585) 475-6631.
Do you have a medical tech program?
Yes.  Here is a link to our medical tech program.
Do you have a physical therapy program?
No. Please contact Nazareth College of Rochester at (585) 389-2900 or Ithaca College at (800) 429-4274.
Do you accept requests for deferment?
If you would like to defer your admission to the University of Rochester School of Medicine, you must put your request in writing, explaining your need to defer. Address your letter to Patricia Samuelson, Director, Office of Admissions, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, 601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 601-A, Rochester, NY 14642 or send your request via email to
Why was my application rejected?
If you were not accepted for admission and would like more information, please email the Director of Admissions, Patricia Samuelson,( to see how you might strengthen your application for next year.
Do you have an MPH program?
Yes, contact the Department of Public Health Sciences, (585) 275-7882.
Do you have a DDS program?
The University of Rochester does not have a DDS granting program. The closest school is the University of Buffalo, (716) 829-2839.  Rochester does have advanced degree opportunities in dentistry. If you are interested in the MD-Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Resident Program, a four-year training program, contact (585) 275-9004. (Applicants to this program must already have their DDS degree.)
Do you accept transfer students?
Because of Rochester's early clinical exposure and uniquely integrated curriculum, transfer applicants cannot be considered for advanced standing.
Do you have a preference for New York State residents?
No we don't. We are a private medical school.
When do you start interviewing and what days?
We start interviewing in September and continue through the beginning of March. Our interview days are Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Interviews are by invitation only.

Transfer / Admission with Advanced Standing

Because of Rochester’s early clinical exposure and uniquely integrated curriculum, transfer applicants cannot be considered for advanced standing.

International Students

With the exception noted below, applications for admission will only be accepted from individuals who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents of the United States or who have asylum status as documented on an I-94 form. There is one exception to this policy. Applications will be accepted from foreign nationals who have, or expect to receive, an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester. Eligible applicants are required to deposit four full years of the Cost of Attendance into an escrow account by May 15th of the entering year.