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Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity

The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (URSMD) is committed to increasing the number of physicians with diverse backgrounds and those who demonstrate a vision and commitment to improving the health status of diverse patient populations via patient care, research and/or teaching. The Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity (CACHED) supports programs to broaden the scope of medical education beyond the classroom to include health, cultural, and educational experiences with the goal of creating cross-culturally competent physicians.


  • Fostering inquiry, advocacy, assessment and dialogue about diversity and international affairs
  • Creating educational programs that address issues and experiences of diverse populations
  • Promoting the understanding of the social, political, and economic determents of health through Speaker Bureaus, Special Interest Groups, and Cultural Celebrations
  • Forming outstanding educational pipeline programs and initiatives for those who face social, economic, and educational challenges that thwart their achievement such as the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), Summer Undergraduate Research (SURF) Program
  • Forming and/or maintaining hands-on experiences beyond the classroom that broaden student perspectives on health, human illness, and problems of human suffering in local and global underserved communities
  • Constructing internal and external institutional partnerships to address issues and provide educational experiences regarding diversity, international medicine, research, and community outreach
  • Collaborating with Alumni Affairs to maintain and establish relationships with graduates with an emphasis on those from underrepresented groups

Community Service

In the 1980’s the School created the Office of Student Enrichment Programs and an innovative community outreach program to afford medical, biomedical graduate, and graduate nursing students opportunities to participate in ameliorating the challenges Community Services Volunteer and Youthunderserved individuals face. The Students for Rochester Outreach (SRO) volunteer program allows URSMD students the opportunity to gain insight into the often unique experiences of individuals who live in poverty. U of R students form alliances with people who face societal challenges that thwart their achievement or who are living in settings where there are limited resources. As a result of these experiences, URSMD students develop meaningful relationships with individuals who are at-risk. These voluntary experiences enhance students’ preparation and effectiveness in caring for patients from diverse backgrounds. In addition, these experiences reinforce for students the need for continued volunteerism and advocacy on behalf of underserved individuals with the greatest needs when they become licensed professionals.  There are many optional opportunities, including UR Well, a student-run program providing health services for the uninsured.  We also have a required four-week service-learning experience in the curriculum, Community Health Improvement Course.


International Medicine

We are currently only accepting applications from students chosen by the coordinators of the schools listed below. The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry does not offer elective experiences to non-exchange program international medical students.

Research Programs

Offering our students diverse year-out or summer research experiences locally, national, or internationally is at the cornerstone of URSMD’s mission to create experiences that complement our student’s varied interests. Students can conduct research in the following areas: International Medicine, Basic Science, Clinical, Translational, Medical Humanities, or Community research.

External Research Opportunities

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Adrienne L. Morgan, PhD
Senior Director
Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education, and Diversity
Assistant Professor
Division of Medical Humanities
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry