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Tips to Success

Career Counseling FAQ's

Be honest with yourself

  •  Financial Literacy Resources
  • What personal values match best with medical specialties you have experienced?
  • Don’t rely on preconceived ideas of what you think a medical specialty is…
  • What makes you happy and makes you feel impactful?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Is this consistent with the feedback you are receiving?
    • Are you strengths applicable to the careers you are considering?
  • Link to AAMC CIM Assessments

Get the right information and know the specialties

  • Start early with specialty interest groups
  • Speak with faculty in fields you are interested in
    • Ask them how they made their decision to pursue their specialty
    • Ask them what factored into their decision
    • Ask them about attributes that make a “strong” candidate for the given specialty
    • Talk to the residency director
    • Know what specialties you may be interested in want from their candidates
  • Pursue elective time in the field you are interested in
  • Talk to your Advisory Dean
  • Take time research specialties

Know the specialties

  • Join interest groups
  • Meet with Department Designated Advisors & Mentors 
  • Meet with faculty who work with resident education
  • Take time to shadow various specialties
  • Get more experience with elective time
  • Get familiar with what specialties want from their students

Always be on the look out for faculty that share common values and have connections to future career