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Scientific Reasoning in Medicine (SRM)

SeminarThe Scientific Reasoning in Medicine (SRM) course consists of a two-part journal club held one or two times each month throughout the academic year. The purposes of these sessions are to keep MSTP students engaged in basic science and to encourage students to consider translational implications of research during the first two years of medical school. In addition, SRM exposes MSTP students to potential research mentors.

Schedule 2018 - 2019

Dates Presenter Department(s) / Topic
  • Aug 27th
Marc W. Halterman, MD, PhD
Associate Director, MSTP
Associate Professor, Neurology
  • Sept 7th, 10th
Keith Nehrke, PhD
Professor, Department of Medicine, Nephrology
Title TBD
  • Sept 14th, 17th
Feng Vankee Lin, PhD, RN
Associate Professor, School of NursingNeurology
Title TBD 
  • Oct 5th, 8th 
Xin Li, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Title TBD (Molecule mechanism of male infertility)
  • Oct 12th, 15th
Brian Altman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Genetics
Circadian Rhythms and Health in Disease
  • Nov 9th, 12th
Michelle Janelsins-Benton, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Cancer Control
Title TBD 
  • Nov 16th, 19th 
Peter Prieto, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Oncology
Title TBD (Melanoma Tumor Immunotherapy, Effect of the microbiome on Cancer, Optimizing Adoptive Cell Therapy for Solid Organ Malignancy)
  • Dec 14th, 17th
Xingping Zhang, BMed, PhD
Associate Professor, Orthopaedics, Center for Musculoskeletal Research
Title TBD
  • Jan 25th, 28th 
Ross Maddox, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Title TBD 
  • Feb 15th, 18th 
Farran Briggs, PhD
Associate Professor, Neuroscience
Title TBD 
  • March 1st, 4th 
Toru Takimoto, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Title TBD 
  • Mar 8th, 11th 
  • Mar 29th, Apr 1st
Cindy Monaco, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Infectious Disease

Title TBD 
  • Apr 12th,  15th