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Medical Student Education Newsletter - April 2015

April, 2015 Volume 1, Issue 1


msed-2Welcome to the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry's inaugural medical student education update. We have created this quarterly newsletter as a means to keep you connected to medical student education. In this and future newsletters, you will learn about important medical student policies, curriculum updates and innovations, and student and faculty happenings. We greatly appreciate your dedication to medical education and hope that this newsletter will improve the way that we connect to and inform our community.

LCME Survey Visit

In October 2015, a survey team from the Liaison Committee on Medication Education (LCME) - the national accrediting body for educational programs leading to the M.D. degree in the United States and Canada will visit the school as part of the reaccreditation process.  The Medical School's previous LCME accreditation was in 2007, when we received a full eight-year accreditation, the maximum length of accreditation awarded.

Preparation is currently underway for the October site visit.  Medical students, faculty, staff, and alumni are working to complete a comprehensive data collection process that will culminate in the submission of an institutional self-study report and an independent student analysis.  Although the reaccreditation process is difficult, it is also an opportunity for intensive and necessary reflection.  In the course of our reaccreditation, we will identify and address areas within the Medical School that are in need of attention.  We will also celebrate our many strengths and accomplishments, and perhaps most importantly, we will identify ways to further cement our reputation for innovation and leadership in medical education.  

School of Medicine & Dentistry Policies

The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (URSMD) has updated and revised important medical student policies. Students, residents and faculty should be aware of these policies to optimize the learning environment.  Policies and Procedures are located, in full, in the URSMD student handbook. The following Teacher-Learner polices can be directly accessed by visiting:

  • Ad Hoc Committee to review teaching exercises with student subjects
  • Avoiding the appearance of bias in evaluations due to prior relationships
  • Guidelines to prevent the mistreatment of students
     AAMC Policy Statement
  • University of Rochester Teacher-Learner Policy
  • University of Rochester Policies
     Sexual Harassment
    University of Rochester Student Sexual Discrimination, Misconduct and Harassment Policy
    Responding to Acts of Intolerance and Discrimination
  • Policy on medical student work hours during clinical years
  • Procedures to avoid the impact of conflicts of interest

There are additional policies that may be of particular interest and they can be accessed by visiting:

2015 Match Results

On March 20, 2015, the Class of 2015 learned where they are headed for residency. Our students matched in the following areas:

5 in Anesthesiology 3 in Child Neurology 2 in Dermatology
10 in Family Medicine 1 in General Surgery 20 in Internal Medicine
2 in Medicine-Pediatrics 9 in Medicine-Preliminary 5 in Neurology
5 in Obstetrics/Gynecology 2 in Ophthalmology 4 in Orthopaedic Surgery
1 in Otolaryngology 2 in Pathology 6 in Pediatrics
2 in Physical Medicine & Rehab 1 in Plastic Surgery-Integrated 8 in Psychiatry
2 in Radiation Oncology 1 in Radiation-Diagnostic 6 in Surgery-General
2 in Surgery-Preliminary 2 in Transitional 2 in Urology

For a complete match list, please visit: