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Previous Episodes

Episode 1 - Taking it to the Streets

Students and doctors participating in UR Street Outreach, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry’s street medicine program, say they get back much more than they give to the homeless population they serve. You can learn more about the medical outreach effort by watching the first episode of The Street Medicine Chronicles.

Episode 2 - Bridging the Homeless-Medical Divide

Join Emma Lo, a third-year student at UR's School of Medicine and Dentistry, as she works with Mel Dynek to explore how she might help him control his high blood pressure—despite being homeless and keeping warm in a local parking garage.

Episode 3 - Understanding Homelessness

Join third year medical student Emma Lo, as she learns about one man’s choice to live on the streets, and helps him understand what can happen with his untreated hernia. In Episode Three of The Street Medicine Chronicles, formerly homeless Steve Smock, now serving as a UR Street Outreach Community Guide, helps students and docs understand the street environment – and individuals’ varied reasons for being homeless.

Episode 4 - Biopsychosocial Medicine Made Real

In this fourth episode of The Street Medicine Chronicles, meet Erin Bulleit, a second-year student at UR's School of Medicine and Dentistry, as she volunteers at the UR Street Outreach clinic at House of Mercy, a Rochester homeless shelter. Join Emma Lo, a third-year student at UR's School of Medicine and Dentistry, as she encourages one homeless man to consider hernia surgery. The spotlight also shines on Rochester’s biopsychosocial approach to medicine.

Episode 5 - Creating Order Out of Chaos

Homeless shelters can be chaotic environments, and they’re challenging places to teach and practice medicine. Join second year medical student Nathan Furst-Nichols on his first visit to the House of Mercy for UR Street Outreach’s bi-weekly medical clinic.

Under supervising physician Dr. Catherine Przystal, Furst-Nichols and second year medical student Erin Bulleit tend to the medical needs of homeless patients, while learning about the psychological and social challenges they face.