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Postdoctoral Fellow - Roles of PRMT1 and EYA1 in Regulation of MYCN in Neuroblastoma

Job Description for Postdoctoral Fellow

“Roles of PRMT1 and EYA1 in Regulation of MYCN in Neuroblastoma”

Department of Pediatrics has a Postdoctoral position available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD

Position Summary

Designs, carries out, and interprets results of laboratory studies in molecular and cellular pharmacology under general guidance of a research faculty member and with latitude for exercising independent judgment.  Writes or contributes to the writing of the first drafts of scientific manuscripts for submission for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Supervised by

Laboratory Director and Laboratory Faculty

Required Education and Technical Competencies

Doctoral degree with major course work, thesis, and prior peer-reviewed publication(s) in biology, biochemistry, or related field.  Experience and competence in design, performance, and interpretation of molecular and cellular biological studies that exploit techniques including but not limited to Northern and Western blotting; transfection and transduction; site-directed mutagenesis; sequencing; cell and tissue culture; cell fractionation; and immunohistochemical staining.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit a current Curriculum /Bio-sketch and names of 3 referees and contact information with whom you have worked in a laboratory setting.

Please send to:

Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD
NOTE:  This document describes typical duties and responsibilities and is not intended to limit management from assigning other work as required.


% of Time

Works independently and as part of a laboratory team to elaborate hypotheses, design and execute studies to test them, interpret the results of these studies, and co-author manuscripts that describe these studies and put them in context of prior literature and future directions.


Mentors graduate students and junior and technical members of the laboratory team.


Keeps abreast of current scientific literature and attending seminars and meetings on neuroblastoma and related oncogenes and oncoproteins.


Maintains meticulous laboratory procedure notes and data records; prepares charts, tables, graphs of data.