TEM TechniquesElectron Microscope Research Core equipment

The research papers listed below under each technique were published by University of Rochester researchers with the technical support of the Electron Microscope Research Core.

The following techniques are available for Electron Microscope processing and analysis:

Routine Processing for Electron Microscopy

Morphometric Processing and Image Analysis

Detection of Antibody/Antigen Reactions by Immunoelectron Microscopy Using Protein A Gold and gold tagged secondary antibodies, as well as Pre-embedding antibody/antigen labeling with the chromagen DAB which is silver enhanced.

Visualization of Viral Particles by Negative Staining Electron Microscopy

Pelleting Technique for Subcellular Fraction Electron Microscopy and/or Immunoelectron Microscopy

"Pop-Off" Technique for EM Examination of Cultured Cells

Color High Resolution (2.5 Um) Plastic Sections Utilizing Basic Fuchsin and Methylene Blue as a Hematoxylin & Eosin (H & E) Like Stain and Trichrome-Like Stain

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