Nationally and internationally renowned physicians represent a diversity of training styles and strengths, which culminates in a group of people with expertise in a wealth of topics. Many applicants and students ask, “ What is the greatest strength of your program?”. Without a doubt, our faculty are top contenders!

When choosing faculty, our greatest concern is their commitment to quality patient care, fostering wellness and education of the residents and commitment to improving the community of Emergency Medicine. The residency is deeply involved in any faculty hiring decisions, which underscores the value of our resident’s lives and education.Faculty

Meet our Faculty and learn more about them by reading their online biographies.

Lee M. Marks
Jonathan E. Markson
Joel L. May
Aekta Miglani
B Elizabeth Murray
Jeffrey J. Bazarian  
Brian J. Blyth Flavia Nobay
Ryan P. Bodkin O
Anne F. Brayer Raymond G. Ochrym
C Timothy O'Connor
Luke O. Cheung Kevin G. O'Gara
Peter W. Crane Benjamin Ostrovsky
Jeremy T. Cushman P
D Joel S. Pasternack
Eric A. Davis Julie Pasternack
M. Colleen Davis R
Robin H. Dawson
Emily S. DiCesare Jason Rotoli
G Erik A. Rueckmann
Madelyn Garcia S
Wendy B. Gelbard Rokhsanna Sadeghi
J Sandra M. Sarnoski-Roberts
Courtney MC Jones Raymond B. Scurek
K Manish N. Shah
Michael F. Kamali
Nicole Klimt Matthew T. Spencer
Joseph C. Konwinski Linda L. Spillane
L Michelle Steffers
Michael Ladrigan Jefferson S. Svengsouk
Penelope Lema W
Lisa Lincoln Timothy Wiegand
  Bryce J. Yerman


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