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Other Faculty Research

  • Healthcare Policy
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Emergency Department Pharmacist
  • Toxicology
  • Patient Safety

Ongoing Projects

Injury Free Coalition for Kids

Learn more about the Injury Free Coalition for Kids

Allstate Teen Smart Driving Program

Learn more about teenSMART Driving

Safe Routes to School Program

Learn more about Safe Routes

NYS Child Passenger Safety Program

Learn more about Child Passenger Safety

Recent Publications

Abar B, Lagasse LL, Derauf C, Newman E, Shah R, Smith LM, Arria A, Huestis M, Della Grotta S, Dansereau LM, Neal C, Lester BM. Examining the relationships between prenatal methamphetamine exposure, early adversity, and child neurobehavioral disinhibition. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 23(3): 662-673. PMID: 23067308.

Abar B, Ogedegbe C, Dalawari P, Freeman K, Boudreaux ED, Illuzzi F, King R, Carro-Kowalyck S, Molloy M, & Bradley K (2014). Promoting tobacco cessation utilizing pre-health professional students as research associates in the emergency department. Addictive Behaviors 40: 73-76.

Abar B, Lagasse LL, Derauf C, Newman E, Shah R, Smith LM, Arria A, Huestis M, Della Grotta S, Dansereau LM, Wilcox T, Neal CR, Lester BM. Cross-national comparison of prenatal methamphetamine exposure on infant and early child physical growth: a natural experiment. Prevention Science: Official Journal of the Society for Prevention Res. Oct 2014. PMID: 23943149.

Crane PW, Zhou Y, Sun Y, Lin L, Schneider SM. Entropy: A conceptual approach to measuring situation-level workload within emergency care and its relationship to emergency department crowding. The Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2014 Apr; 46(4):551-9. Epub 2014 Jan 08.

Wiegand TJ, Gorodetsky RM, Peredy TR. Coma Blisters in the Setting of Quetiapine Overdose: Case Report and Review of the Literature. Asian Pacific Journal of Medical Toxicology. 2013;2(4):154-156.

Bodkin RP, Acquisto NM, Gunyan H, Wiegand TJ. Two cases of accidental injection of epinephrine into a digit treated with subcutaneous phentolamine injections. Case Rep Emerg Med. 2013; 586207. PMID: 2402404. PMC3758838.


Source Type Description
Allstate Foundation Grant to Improve Teen Driver Safety.
NYS To Purchase and distribute child passenger restraints to families that attend the Pediatric Safety Committee Clinic at Strong.