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Eek! Little Halloween Treats Can Pack Big Calorie Counts

Ghosts and ghouls, step aside. Nothing is scarier than the Nutrition Facts on Halloween candy. Those fun-size chocolate bars and miniature candies look so tiny, but the calories add up quickly. Don’t let these treats trick you into putting on unwanted pounds.

Halloween treat

Calories per three treats (because nobody eats just one!)

Physical activity required to burn off those calories (based on a 150-pound person)

Butterfinger, fun-size candy bar


Swimming (25 yds/min): 52-54 minutes

Walking (3 mph): 45-47 minutes

Bicycling (12 mph): 35-36 minutes

Jogging (5.5 mph): 22-23 minutes

Jumping rope: 19-20 minutes

Skittles, fun-size package


Milky Way, Snickers, or Twix, fun-size candy bar






Reese’s Miniatures, mini peanut butter cup


Swimming (25 yds/min): 27-29 minutes

Walking (3 mph): 24-25 minutes

Bicycling (12 mph): 18-19 minutes

Jogging (5.5 mph): 11-12 minutes

Jumping rope: 10-11 minutes

Hershey’s Miniatures, mini candy bar








Jolly Rancher, piece of hard candy


Swimming (25 yds/min): 13-15 minutes

Walking (3 mph): 11-13 minutes

Bicycling (12 mph): 9-10 minutes

Jogging (5.5 mph): 5-6 minutes

Jumping rope: 5-6 minutes

Tootsie Pop Miniatures, mini lollipop