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What to Expect in Each Trimester

For many women, a typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks—starting from the first day of your last normal period. Even though 40 weeks may not seem like a lot of time, women experience a number of pregnancy symptoms along the way. Pregnancy is grouped into three trimesters as your baby continues to grow.

Learn more about what to expect during pregnancy by matching the symptom to the trimester. Keep in mind, though, every woman is different and so is each pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Contractions

  • Morning sickness

  • Stretch marks

  • Numb or tingling hands

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Extreme tiredness


  • First

  • Second

  • Third






First Trimester:

  • Morning sickness: Some women may experience an upset stomach with or without vomiting.

  • Extreme tiredness: As your body begins to change, it’s important to make changes to your routine such as eating frequent small meals and getting enough quality sleep. 

Second Trimester:

  • Stretch marks: You might begin to notice these changes around your breasts, stomach, and legs as your body continues to grow and expand.

  • Numb or tingling hands: Also known as carpal tunnel syndrome, woman may experience this symptom midway through their pregnancy as the baby continues to grow.

Third Trimester:

  • Contractions: Many women experience real or false labor pains.

  • Trouble sleeping: The baby is getting bigger and putting more pressure on your organs, which may interfere with your ability to sleep well.