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Healthy Homes Information for COVID-19

With concerns about COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus), many people have questions about keeping their home and personal environments safe.  This page shares information about healthy housekeeping, masks, and other environmental health considerations for people who are concerned about the COVID-19 virus. Information is changing very quickly.  Please check websites regularly for updates.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US Environmental Protection Agency

Healthy Housekeeping: Cleaning & COVID-19

The most important steps for prevention are wearing a mask, staying 6 feet from others, and avoiding crowds (see the Centers for Disease Control website for the latest CDC recommendations or the University of Rochester Medical Center Coronavirus “Staying Safe” page or the Monroe County Department of Public health for local updates).

Following proper cleaning procedures plays an important role in keeping your home safe for you and your family. With concerns about coronavirus, different housekeeping approaches may be needed, especially if someone in the home may be infected with the virus.  As always, it is important to use cleaning chemicals safely to minimize the risks of triggering asthma, skin rashes, poisoning, and other health problems. These materials communicate key cleaning and disinfecting messages and provide local resources.

Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19: This 2-page overview provides simple tips for cleaning and disinfecting common household items.

cleaning covid photo

Disinfecting with Bleach: Many people are unable to buy commercial disinfectants at this time. Bleach is widely available, effective, and affordable, but it must be used safely. This 1-page infographic has 10 top “Do’s and Don’ts” if you choose to disinfect with diluted bleach.

Do and Dont Bleach

Bleach Dilution Instructional Videos

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Here are several government and academic resources with information on safe cleaning techniques and picking products that will meet your needs:

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Download pdf (
Courtesy: The Bluffton Fire Department, Bluffton, South Carolina)

Home Visits & COVID-19

Most home visiting programs have paused or greatly restricted home visits, inspections, etc.  For workers who do visit homes at this time, here are several resources on staying safe

Masks & COVID-19

The CDC recommends wearing a mask in public, even if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Many people who are COVID-19 positive do not show symptoms. For more information about mask use, please visit these resources:

Vaping & COVID-19

Second hand exposure to vaping and smoking in the home is always a concern and may negatively impact individuals affected by COVID-19. For more information on vaping and COVID-19, see:

  • American Lung Association (ALA) Smoking and Health Action Coalition (SHAC):
    • There’s no question that smoking affects every part of the body, but vaping is still a little more anomalous. Current research continues to evolve and we continue to learn more about the purported safety of vaping products. For more information:

General Local Resources Related to COVID-19

General Resources From National Government And Academic Partners