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Research Summaries Archive

Lead and Stress (2013)

The negative health impacts of lead have been known for centuries. Public health professionals emphasize that the effects of lead on children are permanent. However, a study from the Cory-Slechta lab suggests that life experiences can influence how an individual is impacted by lead exposure.

Read the summary here.

Mercury and Autism (2013)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental brain disorders. The symptoms of mercury poisoning could be considered similar to the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders. In the study described here, researchers asked the question of whether or not Autism Spectrum Disorders are among those neurodevelopmental problems that may result from methylmercury exposure.

Read the summary here.

BPA and Asthma (2012)

Bisphenol A (BPA) is present in just about everyone. Detectable levels of BPA are found in 93% of people in the US and the most likely source is eating foods that were contaminated with BPA through packaging, especially canned foods. In this study, researchers asked the question, “Does an adult whose mother was exposed to BPA have more trouble with allergic asthma than an adult whose mother was not exposed to BPA?”

Read the summary here.