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Biostatistics Core

The Biostatistics Facility Core provides statistical and data management services to EHSC faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students. Emphasis is placed on proper study design prior to experimentation. Faculty within this Facility Core have developed long-standing relationships with researchers for the continued analysis of data coming from populations under study, experiments with animal models of disease and human subjects, toxicokinetic questions in humans, and basic mechanistic questions in molecular toxicology. The experience of Biostatistics faculty in the field of statistical analysis of environmental studies allows the application of innovative statistical methodology to the design and analysis of laboratory experiments and clinical studies.

Services Provided

  • Consultation with EHSC Investigators on statistical and computing components of research projects.
    • For example, advice on appropriate experimental design, sample size for clinical studies and laboratory experiments, inclusion/exclusion criteria, definition of exposure and outcome variables, determination of randomization/stratification schemes and design of data forms.
  • Development and implementation of data management systems and software for quality control, update reports and interim statistical analysis.
  • Analysis of completed studies, including statistical analysis, report writing and development of graphical displays for publication and presentations.

Contact: Sally Thurston, PhD, Director