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User Fees

The Elemental Analysis Facility has a priority to support EHSC members and also to support the greater U of R research community. Such users must have a valid university account number and a prior billing agreement in place before initiation of service-related activities. Additional service to researchers from academic and research and development lab settings outside of U of R are possible and inquiries should be directed to the Facility Director. Outside investigators must demonstrate resources to cover anticipated fees prior to commencing any analyses.


Elemental Analysis Facility Prices


Price per Sample


U of R*

outside U of R#

Trace elements in solution: up to 10 elements



Trace elements in solids: up to 10 elements with open vessel digest



Trace elements in solids: up to 10 elements with closed vessel/microwave digest



Mercury / Arsenic speciation in liquid samples



Mercury / Arsenic speciation in solid samples



Mercury in liquid/solid samples: DMA80



Method Development/Custom analysis



* Apply a %15 discount for U of R EHSC member rates.

# Fees for outside users reflect recovery of indirect costs (~54%).