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Translational Services Unit

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Faculty should contact Drs. Georas or van Wijngaarden for assistance with the design and conduct of Human Subjects research, or the development of communication tools to translate research findings. Please contact Dr. Georas for more information about the mini-pilot program that provides seed money for early-stage bidirectional translational research in environmental health sciences.

Services Provided

  • Human Subject Regulatory Affairs: Provides guidance about rules and regulations of NIH-sponsored human subject research, including protection of subject privacy, identification of potentially vulnerable populations, documentation requirements and issues pertaining to informed consent.
  • Methodological Support: Assists Center members with human subject study design including formulating specific aims and hypotheses, identification of populations, defining primary and secondary outcome variables, defining predictor variables, and data collection procedures. In collaboration with the Biostatistics Facility core, assist with analysis and interpretation of observational human studies.
  • Promote Collaborative Research: Assists in determining whether existing human populations or cohorts within the Center or institution exist that can be leveraged for new research questions;
  • Research Communications and Partnerships (in collaboration with CEC): Enhances communication with local and national populations, health professionals, potential collaborators and policy makers to foster partnerships for, and translate findings from, translational research in environmental health. Identifies local populations who may benefit from Center-sponsored educational opportunities. Also sponsors and advertises seminars of translational-oriented environmental health research within the Center and the URMC Biomedical community at large.

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