Frequently Asked Questions

With a program like this, you are bound to have many questions: What diagnostic tests do I need? Can you fit this into my schedule? How can you help me with travel plans and accommodations?

On this page, we have tried to answer many of those questions. But with any questions you might have, you are always welcome to give us a call at (585) 276-5010.

  • Comfortable clothes for exercise, including athletic shoes
  • Your insurance card, as your insurance provider may cover specific tests
  • Any recent health evaluations
  • List of your current medications
  • Information on your medical history
  • Instructions on how to record your 5-day diet and activity record
  • Optional tests and assessments that you require
How much does the Executive Health Program cost?
The cost of the Executive Health Program varies with the specific package of services you need. Please call us at (585) 276-5010 to learn more about pricing.
How much of my time does the Executive Health Program require?
The URMC Executive Health Program takes from one to two days. For a one-day visit, you should plan on arriving in Rochester the night before your exam and flying home at the end of your day with us. For a two-day visit, you should plan on staying two nights in all.
Where can I stay while I am taking part in this program?
We will be happy to recommend fine hotels and restaurants in our area that are also just a short ride from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Please call us at (585) 276-5010 for a list of recommendations.
Is this covered by health insurance?
In most cases, the Executive Health Program is not covered by insurance, and we do not bill insurance companies directly. Payment is required at the time of your visit unless other arrangements have been made with your organization.
Some tests may be covered by your insurance, so we encourage you to contact your insurance company to ask about possible coverage.
Is mental health screening available?
Yes, mental health screening with one of our psychologists is also available.
Do you provide second opinions?
Yes, second opinions are an important part of the services we offer. We will be happy to provide second opinions on any diseases or conditions. You can provide us with information on the second opinions you require when we gather information on your medical history prior to your visit with us.
Does this program replace my own doctor's care?
No. The URMC Executive Health Program complements your own doctor's care, providing additional and valuable information. Our program doesn't replace your need for a Primary Care Physician. It can, though, help your doctor to provide you with even better care.
You will be provided with a complete record of your health assessment and our detailed recommendations. We encourage you to share this with your doctors to help in improving your care. We will be happy to supply your doctors with this information upon your request.
What do I need to bring with me?
There are a very few things you will need to bring along:
How should I prepare for my visit?
We will be contacting you prior to your visit to talk to you about the following:
Five days before your visit, you will start keeping a detailed record of what you eat each day, as well as your level of physical activity.
If you need to prepare in any other way—such as fasting overnight—we will discuss that with you before your visit.
What will I walk away with?
When you leave, we will provide you with a USB Jump Drive that contains all of your test results, prevention guidelines, plans for regular health maintenance, diet program, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, and plans to manage specific diseases or problems. All of this information will be instantly accessible to you and your physician.