Why UR Medicine Executive Health?

The Executive Health Program at UR Medicine is quite remarkable. We provide you with medical care that is unrivaled in the world in a truly intimate, one-on-one setting. You will:

  • Spend uninterrupted time with senior medical leaders at UR Medicine.
  • Get the full attention of our Chief of Cardiology and other leading medical experts.
  • Have our dietitian and exercise physiologist create plans designed exclusively for you.

All told, there are two critical things that make the UR Medicine Executive Health Program exceptional: We have world-class knowledge and we take highly focused time to apply that knowledge directly to you.

  • We typically schedule only one guest per day in our Executive Health Program.
  • You will meet with our top medical experts, including our CEO, our Chief Medical Officer and other experts including world-renowned clinical department chiefs.
  • You'll be treated in a dedicated environment that is private, warm, and inviting.
  • Our program is multi-disciplinary, bringing together top experts to give you a coordinated plan for your health.
  • As one of the nation's top centers for medical research, we are on the cutting edge of new information that can help improve your health.
  • We go beyond medical advice, providing suggestions for lifestyle changes that can add years to your life.
  • Our team includes a clinical dietitian and an exercise physiologist.
  • We also have a clinical psychologist to help you with emotional health.
  • Our particular focus is on improving health through early detection and prevention of disease.