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The University of Rochester Telehealth Consortium has met periodically since October 2011 to improve access to health care and education provided by University experts by collectively leveraging telecommunication technology. The Consortium highlights our local wealth of knowledge in designing and implementing functional telehealth based care systems in the Rochester region and beyond. Our members include a diverse mix of University departments, local health IT vendors, and representatives from local insurers and other community based provider groups, such as Excellus, Rochester General’s Office of Telehealth and Finger Lakes Community Health. We are developing our resource center with web presence to link those interested and conversant in telehealth with those looking to support, study, or develop health care delivery models that use mobile and internet based technologies to achieve efficient, cost-effective, and high quality patient-centered care. Our web presence will consolidate local knowledge in telehealth into one body that can connect individuals and organizations to this expertise as needed.

Rajeev S. Ramchandran, M.D., M.B.A.
Director, UR Telehealth Initiative

For More Information:

Telemedicine Program within Medical Informatics

All members of the University and Local community are welcome to join and participate in URTHC.

Please contact Dr.Rajeev Ramchandran for more details or to be included in the URTHC e-mail list.