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Gan Lab

Lin Gan, PhD

  • Dean's Professorship - Department of Dean's Office, SMD (SMD)
  • Professor - Department of Ophthalmology (SMD) - Primary Appointment
  • Professor - Department of Center for Visual Science (RC)
  • Professor - Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy (SMD)
  • PhD | Biochemistry, All Other | U Tex-Houstn Grad Sch Biomd Sc (1992)

Research Overview

The mammalian retina and inner ear are two of the most common places of genetic diseases that cause blindness and deafness due to the degeneration of retinal and inner ear neurons. In order to understand the disease processes, it is very crucial to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms regulating the normal development and maintenance of these neurons at the molecular level.

My research is centered on identifying genes required for neuron differentiation and survival, investigating the genetic pathways involved in these processes, and developing therapies for blindness and deafness via gene therapy and stem cell replacement. I am currently investigating the roles of three classes of transcription factors (TFs), the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH), POU-homeodomain (POU-HD), and LIM-domain TFs, in the formation and maintenance of mouse retina and inner ear. Using homologous recombination in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells to mutate these TF genes, I have shown that these TFs function in a cascade to regulate the differentiation of neuronal progenitor cells into specific types of neurons and to regulate the maturation and survival of post-differentiation neurons.

Recent Publications

Showing 5 of 78 journal articles.

Xiao H; Dairaghi DJ; Powers JP; Ertl LS; Baumgart T; Wang Y; Seitz LC; Penfold ME; Gan L; Hu P; Lu B; Gerard NP; Gerard C; Schall TJ; Jaen JC; Falk RJ; Jennette JC. "C5a receptor (CD88) blockade protects against MPO-ANCA GN." Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2014; 25(2): 225-31.

Huang L; Hu F; Xie X; Harder J; Fernandes K; Zeng XY; Libby R; Gan L. "Pou4f1 and pou4f2 are dispensable for the long-term survival of adult retinal ganglion cells in mice." PloS one. 2014; 9(4):e94173. Epub 2014 Apr 15.

Luo X; Huang L; Jia P; Li M; Su B; Zhao Z; Gan L. "Protein-protein interaction and pathway analyses of top schizophrenia genes reveal schizophrenia susceptibility genes converge on common molecular networks and enrichment of nucleosome (chromatin) assembly genes in schizophrenia susceptibility loci." Schizophrenia bulletin.. 2014; 40(1):39-49. Epub 2013 May 12.

Balasubramanian R; Bui A; Ding Q; Gan L. "Expression of LIM-homeodomain transcription factors in the developing and mature mouse retina." Gene expression patterns : GEP.. 2014; 14(1):1-8. Epub 2013 Dec 10.

Huang L; Hu F; Feng L; Luo XJ; Liang G; Zeng XY; Yi JL; Gan L. "Bhlhb5 is required for the subtype development of retinal amacrine and bipolar cells in mice." Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 2014; 243(2):279-89. Epub 2013 Nov 13.

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