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Wearing sunglasses is one of the healthiest things you can do for your eyes. Ultra Violet light (UV) can prematurely age your eyes and to lead to cataracts and other conditions. Like most glasses, good sunglasses block the sun’s harmful rays. But, they can do so much more. Depending on the kind you use, Sunglasses can significantly increase your comfort while improving safety when you are driving or enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. You might also think you look cooler in them, too.

If you do not wear glasses or do wear contact lenses, we recommend wearing sunglasses anytime you are outside during peak daylight hours. Except for periods of heavy clouds, you are always being bombarded by UV light. If you do wear glasses, most provide UV protection but may not address comfort or cut down on glare. Children who do not wear glasses should always be encouraged to wear sunglasses when outside. As long as they are rated UV-protective, even the most inexpensive pair can protect their growing eyes.

We proudly carry the following sunglass brands. Most all of them can be made to match your prescription. Availability may vary by store:

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