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What Past Attendees Are Saying About our Workshops

“[I have learned] that despite my active [mindful] practice, I can still go deeper (and benefit further)…For the first time, I have been able to see and acknowledge some long-standing and deep-seated attitudes that are driving my current stress with respect to work.”

“[I gained] perspective – relating both the positive and negative experiences allows one to look at oneself along a continuum of experience rather than just accepting, ‘I am here.’”

“I had a feeling I was starting to suffer from burnout, but I didn’t realize how bad it was and I wasn’t aware of the signs I was exhibiting. I truly think that this program helped me personally, and I hope it can help me better recognize burnout with colleagues and be better equipped to help them.”

“[I appreciated the] tips on how to be more present during interactions with others. [I learned] how to be a better listener…not only to improve patient interactions, but also with my friends and family.”

“I need to be well to take care of patients well. Knowing that there’s a community of mindful practitioners [is helpful].”

“[I found a] renewed focus on the value of being authentic in my interactions with patients and colleagues, and how mindfulness practice makes this possible.”

“I am… starting to give myself permission to be happy, healthy, safe, and living with ease. I was struck by the statement that creating balance to work v. life does not mean adding on another weight/activity to balance the load.”

“[I learned that] there is a whole toolbag of skills that I can utilize…to deal with difficulty, suffering, errors, and depression…[and] anxiety."

“[I have an] increased recognition of the importance that my formal [mindful] practice brings in helping me connect with patients.”

“[Dr. Epstein is] absolutely incredible in all domains…someone I hope to remain connected to throughout my life. [Dr. Krasner is] fantastically warm and effective as an instructor. Thank you for this opportunity to learn with you both.”

“[I felt a] sense of lightness and ease…[and a] joy of interaction and community. [I discovered] the importance of my personal need for more community interactions for my own well-being.”

“Connecting with others who are interested in this [and having] the opportunity to reflect and experience the group meditations [was helpful]…[I] hope that I can share these practices widely with my colleagues.”

“I was grateful for the willingness of others to share openly about their own experiences that they have struggled with. [It] makes one not feel alone.”