Additional Analysis Resources

Secondary Analyses and Visualization

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Analysis Programs

The University of Rochester offers various Molecular Biology Software through the Miner Library:

Vector NTI

  • For analysis of DNA sequences, primer design, cloning, and plasmid contruction.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

  • For analysis of pathway information from gene expression data commonly generated by genome-wide transcriptomics.

Contact John Ashton or Sue Atkins for access to University of Rochester's IPA site license.  Please provide your UR department affiliation.


Real-time qPCR Analysis Software (Gene Expression):

Expression Suite

        -> Tutorials


Other free software resources:

Pathway Analysis:


Free DNA Sequence tools:


Statistical Computing and Graphical Software:


Bioconductor Package for R






Other Resources:

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology (CSHL Press)



Software and Password Assistance

If you need computer assistance with:

  • Remote access to our public workstations
  • The NanoDrop workstation located in the Medical Center, room 3-6807
  • Questions on software support
  • Forgotten passwords
Contact us by email.