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The URMC Fitness Center is open to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retirees of the University of Rochester, Strong Staffing, Eastman Dental Center, Strong Health and Highland Hospital.

Spouses and dependents age 16 and over are also eligible; however the UR affiliate must have the primary membership. Further, contractors working primarily on University grounds may also join. Unfortunately, the public-at-large is not eligible for membership at this time.

To join, go to G-5680 in Strong Memorial Hospital (in the Facilities hallway between MRI and Ultrasound) and speak to the staff. New members are required to take a brief orientation tour offered every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. (noon) and Thursday at 5:15 p.m.

Interruption of your University affiliation may disrupt your access to the Fitness Center. Spousal and dependent memberships lapse automatically when the primary University-affiliated member discontinues their membership.

We also allow same household memberships for twice the price of the UR affiliate's rate, with proof of address.

URMC Fitness Center Policies & Guidelines


Most faculty and staff are eligible to have their membership dues payroll deducted over the course of the year. If you choose to payroll deduct your membership dues, you will be required to pay a small down payment to cover your membership dues while Payroll processes your deduction application. With this method of payment, your membership never expires! To discontinue your membership, you will need to fill out a payroll deduction termination form that you can get in the Pro Shop. Please submit your request no less than 2 weeks in advance of your desired termination date. We will not accept payroll deduction termination requests through the mail, over the phone, or via e-mail or fax.

Students - Did you know that the Aetna student insurance plan will reimburse you for a 6 month membership, with 50 uses of the Center. That is right - because our membership is so inexpensive you can get full reimbursement for membership payment, with receipt and proof of use by us - just submit your form and we will be happy to complete it.

If you pay the full membership dues in advance, we will make a reasonable effort to notify you before your membership expires. You are responsible for ensuring that we have the proper contact information to reach you.

Spouses and dependents pay the same rate as the University-affiliated member. The UR affiliate must have a membership in order for the spouse or dependent to obtain a membership. In cases where you fall into multiple categories (e.g., a student who is the spouse of a University employee), the highest rate applies.

Your University affiliation is determined by the position listed on your University of Rochester ID.

Affiliation Payroll deduction Pre-paid,
1-month, 2-months, 3-months
Hourly Staff $24.50/month $28.00 $52.00 $73.50
Salary Staff (Semi-Monthly) $25.50/month $30.00 $56.00 $76.50
Salary Staff or Faculty (Monthly) $27.50/month $32.00 $60.00 $82.50
Strong Staffing   $28.00 $53.00 $73.50
Other University Employees
  • TAR Staff
  • Highland Hospital Staff
  $28.00 $52.00 $73.50
  • Residents
$10.00/month $12.00 $12.00 $10.00
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate
  • Nursing
  • Visiting
  $18.00 $33.00 $46.00
Alumni   $28.00 $52.00 $73.50
Retirees   $28.00 $52.00 $73.50
Volunteers   $18.00 $33.00 $46.00
On-site Contractors
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Employment Center
  • Metro Deli
  • Chase/Advantage
  • Xerox Business Services
  • Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters
  $32.00 $62.00 $84.00