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Fall Fitness Challenge

Fall Fitness Frenzy

October 16 - November 12

Registration due October 11- just send the roster to register-payment due 10/13

Fall Fitness Challenge Information Packet

Registration Roster► Please complete in excel and email to fitnesscenter

Approved Activities

Non-Member Application Form for those wanting to use the Center

Website—Login page

Need a jump start after a summer of slacking? Need a push to get into a fitness routine? This is your opportunity to get motivated! It is also a nice team based program that allows you to encourage each other to exercise.

How Does it Work?

Register a team of 2-3 people, then exercise and receive points. Points are awarded based on your choice of activity and the duration, as well as for weight loss (if that is your goal). Monitor your progress relative to the other participants and compete for the top spots.

Cash and other prizes at the end reward the best performing teams!

Non-members pay just $20 for the 4-week program with temporary membership to the Center (although you can exercise anywhere). Plus you have a chance to win money and prizes. Members pay only $10. Cash and prizes (such as gift cards and prizes from local businesses) are awarded for those that do the best (individually and as a team).


Everyone joins the Fitness Challenge for different reasons. Regardless of your reason for participating, we try to make the Fitness Challenge a fun, motivating tool to help you become more active and healthier.

A Team Effort

All participants must register on a team. University staff, faculty and students (and even their spouses) are encouraged to participate. By competing with and against your peers, you'll have the extra motivation you need to keep moving!

The Catch

Non-members must complete an application and attend a "New Member Orientation" if they wish to use the Center during the Challenge.