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March 2 - April 7

This program will help you lose weight the right way, by giving you information on nutrition and exercise. Participants pay $38 ($10 less for members) for weekly weigh-ins and educational sessions to help achieve a healthy lifestyle change, as well as an individual  session with a trainer and dietetic intern. Participants have use of the Fitness Center and its programming during the competition. Best of all - winners get cash and prizes!

This program is valued at over $90 when compared to outside programs: $35 for 5 weeks of Weight Watchers, $30 for a dietician, $25 for a trainer, etc.


Mindful Eating presentation

NYTC Information sheet-2020_2

NYTC Registration-2020_1 *bring form and payment to the Center, Room G5680

NYTC Sessions-2020 *may change slightly

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