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Personal Training

Michael Washington

MichaelMichael is a Cooper Institute Masters Certified Fitness Specialist with a certification for older adults. While he can assist almost anyone, he particularly loves using resistance machines and free weights to enhance strength and endurance. He also enjoys providing post-rehab guidance. Michael is a real-life example of the positive benefits of regular long-term exercise programs and uses his personal experiences to further enhance his clients workouts.

Rates, Scheduling & A Special Offer

Still not convinced that personal training is right for you? When you join we'll give you a free personal training session (consult) to check it out. After that, you can purchase and schedule sessions at the Pro Shop. Sessions start at $16.00, but packages can save you up to 14%.

Call (585) 275-2437 to make an appointment.

Personal Training for Baby Boomers

Are you someone who knows they need to be physically active to prevent injuries and the problems associated with aging? Would you like to ward off muscle degeneration and osteoporosis, improve your posture, have better balance and feel better physically?

Michael Washington is a fitness specialist for older adults, certified by the Cooper Institute. He will custom design an exercise program that takes into consideration an individual’s age, experience, ability, medical or physical limitations and most importantly their goals.

Why Michael?

  • He is accessible and easy going
  • He has realistic expectations about workouts
  • He offers specialized instruction for those new to exercise

Exercise Prescription

Would you like to know what exercises you should be doing in order to get maximum results for YOU?! For a limited time you can get a 30 minute meeting and an "exercise prescription"  from Michael, fitness specialist, for only $15. Add on a training session (on equipment) for an additional $10.