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UR Medicine is studying how a combination of athletic performance and life-skills training can help young athletes not only perform better on the field, but also improve their long- term health and academic results. By combining injury prevention, athletic performance training, nutrition, and academic support we are helping young student-athletes realize their full potential.

In partnership with the Eastside YMCA, Wegmans, and East and Webster high schools, UR Medicine launched a CHAMPP (Center for Human Athleticism and Musculoskeletal Performance and Prevention) pilot in summer 2018. Three hours a day, three days a week, for 12 weeks, East High and Webster athletes came to the Eastside Y for athletic performance analysis and training delivered by Sports Medicine experts, along with nutrition counseling and post-workout meals prepared by Wegmans. An in-person Financial Wellness program was also provided by Canandaigua National Bank (CNB) as well as tutoring support from students of the UR Warner School of Education.

The program collected health and performance statistics on each athlete before, during, and after the training – and saw improvement in athletes’ physical performance, as well as the factors that reduce injury and support good health. New sessions of athletes from East and Webster were enrolled for training sessions for a second round of pilot tests.

These athletes saw dramatic improvement in their sports performance, sleep scores, peer relationships, anxiety, pain interference, and showed signs of improvement in depression symptoms.

Financial support for the program was provided by the William and Sheila Konar Foundation, Wegmans, and generous individual donors.

Leaders of the initiative include:
Program founder Michael Maloney, MD, UR Medicine Chief of Sports Medicine and the Dean’s Professor of Orthopaedics and Shaun Nelms, associate professor, East High Educational Partnership Organization superintendent, and William & Sheila Konar Director of the Center for Urban Education Success at East High School.

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