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This list of links points to sources outside the University that you may find helpful while you are looking into the use of our facilities.

Local Resources

UR List Server

URMC VPN client

URMC MSDS Information

Rochester Cytobank - must be a registered Flow Core user!


Amnis - ImageStream and ImageStream GenX

Accuri - C6

BD Products pages


Applied Cytometry - VenturiOne Analysis software

DeNovo FCS Express

FlowJo Homepage

Verity Software House

Spectral Viewers and Panel design


Spectra Viewer (via Invitrogen)

Spectra Viewer (via BD Biosciences)


Invitrogen - Flow Cytometry Homepage

BD Online Training Courses

Beckman Coulter

Noteworthy Sites


Purdue Cytometry Mailing List


Daily Dongle

PhD Comics

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Upcoming Events

Intro Lecture:

Location/Time - Rm 3-4103 @10am (in the flow core hallway)

Schedule: Feb 20 @ 2pm (special time), and March 6th

Lecture series

next lecture coming soon!


Featured Article

Niswander et al., Cytometry


Spectral Viewers and Panel Design



BD Biosciences



Instrument Guidelines

All guidelines are available in the "User Docs" folder located on every instrument computer as well as in the FCC_Library server folder.


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