Flow Core Executive Committee

Name Department
Matt Cochran - Technical Director Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research
Tim Bushnell - SRL Director Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research
James Kobie - Chair Medicine/Infectious Diseases Division
Jennifer Anolik Immunology/Rheumetology Division
Paige Lawrence Environmental Medicine
Jim Palis Pediatrics
Mike Becker Cancer Center
David Topham Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology
Mark Dumont Biochemistry and Biophysics

Upcoming Events

Intro Lecture:

Location/Time - Rm 3-4103 @10am (in the flow core hallway)

Schedule: Feb 20 @ 2pm (special time), and March 6th

Lecture series

next lecture coming soon!


Featured Article

Niswander et al., Cytometry


Spectral Viewers and Panel Design



BD Biosciences



Instrument Guidelines

All guidelines are available in the "User Docs" folder located on every instrument computer as well as in the FCC_Library server folder.


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