Flow Core Training Center

Welcome to Flow Cytometry! Below is the registration procedure and the available training options at the facility.


Everyone must register for a user account and flow training if they would like to use the Flow Core instruments. This is done by:
  1. Fill out the New User Form. The new user will be contacted regarding the beginning of the training process by the Flow Core staff.
  2. Read and complete the BD Intro to Flow tutorial if you choose. Available upon request or in the FCC_Library here.
  3. Attend the Intro to Flow lecture. Dates and times are listed in the side panel -->.
  4. Request instrument training by fillingl out a training request form.

Training Options - All instrument training is free

Standard LSR Training

Accuri Training

ImageStream Training

Upcoming Events

Intro Lecture:

Location/Time - Rm 3-4103 @10am (in the flow core hallway)

Schedule: Feb 20 @ 2pm (special time), and March 6th

Lecture series

next lecture coming soon!


Featured Article

Niswander et al., Cytometry


Spectral Viewers and Panel Design



BD Biosciences



Instrument Guidelines

All guidelines are available in the "User Docs" folder located on every instrument computer as well as in the FCC_Library server folder.


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