Accuri Training

Introduction to Flow Lecture

Before you can sign up for initial training, you will be required to attend the Introduction to Flow lecture. This is a 1 hour basic lecture to introduce you to the concepts of flow cytometry. Training will occur in 3-4103 in the Flow Core hallway at 10am every other Monday (please check the "Upcoming Events" side panel for dates). There is no registration for the lecture and all are eligible to attend. Please be sure to have reviewed the material in the BD Introduction to Flow pdf.

All documents needed can be found in the FCC_Library here..

Training Availability

Training for the Accuri is done on a flexible basis based on the availability of the instrument and an instructor.

Training Visit

The purpose of this visit is to familiarize the user with instrumentation and software.

  1. This is a free 30 minute visit using beads.
  2. Please be sure to review the Accuri Training Guide before coming for your first visit.
  3. A basic experiment will be run from start to finish using the Accuri Training Guide.
  4. Any Accuri training is done one on one with the instructor.
  5. A user account will be created at the end of the visit.

Calendar Access

After the training visit, the trainee can access the calendar and schedule/run experiments at any time. There is no special after hours training/access for this instrument.

Upcoming Events

Intro Lecture:

Location/Time - Rm 3-4103 @10am (in the flow core hallway)

Schedule: Feb 20 @ 2pm (special time), and March 6th

Lecture series

next lecture coming soon!


Featured Article

Niswander et al., Cytometry


Spectral Viewers and Panel Design



BD Biosciences



Instrument Guidelines

All guidelines are available in the "User Docs" folder located on every instrument computer as well as in the FCC_Library server folder.


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