LSR Training

Introduction to Flow Lecture

Before you can sign up for initial training, you will be required to attend the Introduction to Flow lecture. This is a 1 hour basic lecture to introduce you to the concepts of flow cytometry. Training will occur in 3-6232, the McCann A room at 4pm every other Monday. There is no registration for the lecture and all are eligible to attend. Please be sure to have reviewed the material in the BD Introduction to Flow pdf.

Follow this link to get the slides for the Introduction lecture.

The following documents will either be needed during training or are a useful resource before you come for training.

  1. URMC Introduction to Flow Lecture
  2. BD LSRII User Information
  3. BD LSRII HTS User Information
  4. BD Intro to Flow tutorial
  5. Flow Core's software guide
  6. Flow Core's LSR Introduction

Available Times for Training Appointments

For any given week, the following times are generally available:

  • Tuesday from 9-10 and 10-11
  • Wednesday from 9-10 and 10-11
  • Thursday from 9-10 and 10-11
  • Friday from 10-11

These times are for first and second LSR training visits only. Please be aware that these times are first come first served, so if a specific time is needed please be sure to fill out a training request as soon as possible. The times listed are also subject to availability based on the instructors' discrection.

First Training Visit

The first visit is done on the LSRII located in the Flow Core. This visit consists of two parts: a review of the fluidics and instrument as a whole, and a brief bead-based experiment run by the instructor. The fluidics portion will take approxiamtely 20 minutes with the remainder dedicated to the experiment.

  1. The Flow Core's software guide is provided so that you may follow along as the experiment is run. Any details or questions you may have should be brought up, but if questions arise, they can be asked during the second training visit.
  2. The instrument introduction tutorial is provided so the user can be aquainted with the LSRII before arriving for the first visit. It will then be discussed during this visit and any questions should be asked at this time.
  3. A basic experiment will be run from start to finish including compensation using the Flow Core's software guide.
  4. There is no charge for this training visit.
  5. This visit can be done in a group of two people if requested.
  6. It is critical that Visit 1 starts on time. Anyone more than 10 minutes
    late will have to reschedule and will be charged for 1 hour of time on the

Second Training Visit

The second visit is done on the LSRII is run by the user under the guidance of the instructor. The same beads used during the first visit will be run again so that a recreation of previously seen information can be done while a hands-on introduction to the software happens.

  1. Please be sure to bring the Flow Core's software guide with you for this visit.
  2. Running beads allows the user to begin to learn the software.
  3. There is no charge for this training visit.
  4. This visit is for one trainee at a time with no exceptions.
  5. It is critical that Visit 2 starts on time. Anyone more than 10 minutes
    late will have to reschedule and will be charged for 1 hour of time on the

Calendar Access

After visit 2 the trainee will have calendar access and schedule/run experiments during normal business hours (9am-5pm). Flow core staff will sign-in the investigator to the instruments at this point.

HTS Training

HTS training takes approximately 30 minutes and is free. To go through HTS training, please fill out a training request here and an instructor will contact you.

After-Hours Access

The Flow Core is open during normal business hours (9am to 5pm) from Monday through Friday.

To receive after-hours access, the investigator must fill out the afterhours access form. A separate training session (free, approximately ½ hour) will be scheduled to review the specifics of after-hours access and instrument troubleshooting. After this session, the investigator must pass a written afterhours access exam and practical demonstration. If they fail, they must wait two weeks to reschedule the test. An investigator can schedule this test any time after they have normal access to the instrument.

Helpful Training Links

Upcoming Events

Intro Lecture:

Location/Time - Rm 3-4103 @10am (in the flow core hallway)

Schedule: Feb 20 @ 2pm (special time), and March 6th

Lecture series

next lecture coming soon!


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Instrument Guidelines

All guidelines are available in the "User Docs" folder located on every instrument computer as well as in the FCC_Library server folder.


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