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A Call for Support

Our population—and their health needs—is changing.

Americans are aging, obesity is on the rise, and most adults don’t get enough physical activity. Chronic health conditions that require arthritis care, joint replacement, and treatment for osteoporosis and fragility fractures are more common than ever.

The new UR Medicine Center for Orthopaedics and Physical Performance responds to this urgent demand and supports the health of our community. Everything a patient might need for diagnosis and treatment of a bone, muscle, spine, or joint condition—medical imaging, clinic exam rooms, physical therapy, sports medicine facilities, athletic training, injury prevention programs, and nutrition/mind-body wellness services—will be available under one roof, creating an orthopaedics campus unlike any other in the Northeast

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Project combines essential services in one location, answers rising demand across region

“We’re seeing patients of all ages—from infants to people in their 90s and older—who need our care to keep their bones and joints healthy so they can remain as active and well as possible. This project answers an urgent, unmet need for patients: faster access to surgery and provider appointments, a convenient location, and a campus and treatment space designed precisely for their needs.”


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rendering of the new ortho building

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Program Highlights

Keep moving: how orthopaedics is addressing the needs of a changing population

A body in motion stays in motion. It’s the first law of physics and the unspoken force behind the University of Rochester’s Department of Orthopaedics, whose mission has always been to help patients with musculoskeletal problems get well and get back in action. But now, a department that has been in a constant state of change since its origins in 1926 is doing a lot more than staying on the move. It’s building momentum.