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Heart & Vascular Care and Research

A community with heart

The collective talents of our heart and vascular clinicians and researchers have come together to address our nation’s biggest killer. Here's how you can help.

Provide transformational technology

Technology is at the forefront of nearly all of today’s advances in cardiovascular care. Take aortic aneurysms, life-threatening balloon-like bulges in the aorta that often requires surgery. Michael Stoner, MD, chief of vascular surgery, is building patient-specific 3D aortic models that allow surgeons to rehearse these complex procedures before operating. Increased funding can support this effort and help us pursue other technologies that address advanced heart failure: telehealth tools for remote care, wearable defibrillators that eliminate the need for surgery, and more.

Pilot novel research

Researchers like Chen Yan, PhD, professor of medicine in our Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute, are working in teams to push the boundaries of science. Her lab is focused on basic research and is helping to reveal how cardiac fibrosis, or a thickening of the heart, leads to heart failure and sudden death. Peter Knight, MD, the Marjorie B. Morris Endowed Professor in Cardiac Surgery, is conducting clinical research that brings the benefits of lab work directly to patients. Working with local medical device company LSI Solutions, Dr. Knight was one of the first to pioneer video-assisted, minimally invasive aortic valve replacement. This approach allows for increased precision and shorter hospital stays, and is now being used by surgeons around the country. Philanthropy—especially seed funding for pilot projects, will help propel more novel discoveries in both basic and clinical research.

Enable the brightest minds

Our incredible clinicians and researchers are at the heart of our most critical advances. Faculty like Ilan Goldenberg, MD, director of our clinical cardiovascular research center. An expert in sudden cardiac death, defibrillators, and the management of clinical trials, Dr. Goldenberg is pioneering digital health tools and remote patient monitoring designed to improve patient outcomes. He also plans to build an expanded clinical research program for cardiac surgery. With additional support, we can recruit and retain the leaders who will spearhead even greater breakthroughs in heart and vascular research and care.