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close up of two people holding handsThis year’s wine auction beneficiary is Alzheimer's Disease Research and Care at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

There is an urgent need to ease the burden on millions of men and women suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This complex and debilitating disease also has a major impact on caregivers and health care costs. If you have a loved one struggling with this disease, a cure cannot come fast enough. The University of Rochester Medical Center is at the forefront of Alzheimer’s disease research and care.

Alzheimer's Gene Test

Read more about Dr. Anton Porsteinsson's GeneMatch DNA test.

Patient Stories


Growing up, Wendy Dworkin’s mom, Barbara, did it all. She took care of her family, helped with her husband’s business, held fundraising events, and was known for having a mind like a steel trap. In 2008, she began forgetting things. Her personality and behavior changed and she was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Today, thanks to an assessment and adjustment of her medications by Dr. Anton Porsteinsson, her symptoms have lessened and her relationships with family and friends have improved. Grateful to Dr. Porsteinsson, Wendy and her husband, David, have become advocates for URMC’s AD-CARE program.

We still know where this road will end—because Alzheimer’s disease currently has no cure—but we now have more time to plan and be together. For that, I am eternally grateful to the team at URMC and the generous donors who support their work.
- Wendy Dworkin



William “Bill” Konar and his family knew something wasn’t right when he became confused with directions when driving and experienced difficulty with simple math. Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2000 and the disease changed everything in his life. His wife, Sheila, became a caregiver, and they became philanthropists to help other families facing the disease. This included creating an endowed professorship to support research for the treatment and prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Bill passed away in 2015, but Sheila remains committed to fighting the disease.


For more information about how your gift to Alzheimer's Disease Research and Care can make an impact or other ways to support the University of Rochester Medical Center, please contact James O'Brien at (585) 276-6877 or