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Poster Creation Using PC or Mac Platforms

What is the Process?

You create the poster file and we print it. PC or Macintosh files are welcome. You can use PowerPoint or a drawing or layout program, such as Adobe FreeHand or Quark. You should NOT use Word, as it does not allow printable large format setups. Occasionally an art poster is made in Photoshop; in this case bring us a TIF file.

Setup Pointers

In most applications, there will be a maximum canvas size. You can make your poster at 100% up to that size, but larger posters will have to be set up "to scale." For example, a common size is 3 by 6 feet, or 36 by 72 inches. Your setup size will be 18 by 36 inches. We will print at 200% and you will have a 3 by 6 foot poster. Please leave one half inch margin around your poster contents to allow for the printers’ borders. Type is measured in points; you want your banner text to be at least 1 inch high, which is 72 points. Headers and the body of your text should be readable from a few feet back. 18 to 24 points is a good range. Use the procedure of Insert/picture or object/from file rather than copy/paste to bring charts and images into the poster.

If You Use an Application We Don’t Have

If you have Adobe Illustrator, for example, you will have to bring the poster file in a format we can print such as PDF.

Get the HP Designjet 5500 Driver to Make your Postscript File

You’ll need to make the file with the driver for the poster printer so the setup includes the right paper size and magnification. You can go to the HP website and download the driver for the HP Designjet 5500PS(42).